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Green Is DEAD!

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Old 11-23-2009, 07:34 PM   #41
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Re: Green Is DEAD!

When a climatologist can get tomorrow's weather right, - - I'll consider believing he can predict it 50 years from now . . .
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Re: Green Is DEAD!

i do alot of industrial based work and the way the state helps to fund some of our works is in the way we recycle our waste.....we currently have a container for every type of product (waste) on our job the waste management company gives us a slip for the tonnage of that particular waste he hauls and in turn we give a copy of that bill to the gov rep sent to the site in turn we earn a star like system .5 stars or better and they help with either tax deferred or low interest loans or allocated fund does make the work a little harder since its hard to get 100+ ppl to deposit the waste in the proper dumpster.................but it works.....having to hire someone to seek out environment friendly materials to use in construction and meet standards thats something completely different
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Re: Green Is DEAD!

Anyone can feel free to quote me on this,

The global warming hype/frenzy is going to wrap up in the next 5 years. Possibly followed by a new "Ice age"

The term has even shifted to "climate change" rather than "global warming"

And I agree with tom. The most current science is not able to predict short term weather let alone influence it.
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Re: Green Is DEAD! heck! I thought this thread was about Red Green, glad to know he's still alive though.
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Re: Green Is DEAD!

There shouldn't be any "sides" to this issue. We should be taking care of our planet, and being more conscious of the crap we are putting into the atmosphere.
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Re: Green Is DEAD!

Originally Posted by TimberTom View Post
There shouldn't be any "sides" to this issue. We should be taking care of our planet, and being more conscious of the crap we are putting into the atmosphere.
Completely agree!!

When we do our lighting retrofits a good chuck always goes for recycling the MH, HPS, or florescent bulbs. I know that many of our competitors don't do this but for us it's important. Rather then tossing a few hundred bulbs in the dumpster we feel it's money wll spent.
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Re: Green Is DEAD!
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Re: Green Is DEAD!

Originally Posted by TimberTom View Post
There shouldn't be any "sides" to this issue. We should be taking care of our planet, and being more conscious of the crap we are putting into the atmosphere.

The reason there are "sides" to this issue is because of entities like The University of East Anglia’s Climate Research Unit (aka Hadley CRU), AL Gore, etc., that try to ram a fraud/hoax on all of us.
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Re: Green Is DEAD!

I'm more concerned with being kinder to our planet than with who is right or wrong, or whether or not there is a hoax regarding the aforementioned data.

I may not be an extremist like many environmentalists are, but as I said above, you cannot deny that humanity has released some pretty toxic stuff into our environment, and continues to do so.

On the topic of Green building, I see no reason to cease promoting more energy efficient ways of building and living.
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naturalwood (04-15-2010)
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Re: Green Is DEAD!

Aside from the democrats fighting the republicans and the other way around, there's a lot of waste generated in the construction industry; that's the bottom line. Waste management is only one component of green building practices--indoor environmental quality, local purchasing of materials, reduced energy consumption for the lifespan of the building and many other aspects of the construction process are considered in the context of "Green Building."
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Re: Green Is DEAD!

The trend is a way to capitalize on the less informed with labels they can understand.

Last time around you were supposed to go vinyl to protect our nations forests, wrap yourself in PVC and use electricity to clean the air and regulate its use the forests they are renewable resources, let your house breath and stop using electricity.

The never ending cycle of changing perception never alters the stance of a contractor and that is to build houses using the best information available the best way possible to shelter a client from the elements most efficiently and call it what ever the consumer wants to believe it is.

Once we start believing the marketing and start following trends alone with out any wisdom to filter out the nonsense, we will be as lost as the consumer is on what is best for our businesses and trade.

let it be green, purple or indigo but in the end its just a well built house using the most modern dependable materials possible with a careful consideration of what is going to endure for longer than the latest trend.

We are experience financially influenced bubbles that won't cease to give us inaccurate perceptions of the market place until the fed stops printing money and Congress stops influence peddling.
We do everything with quality and care
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Re: Green Is DEAD!

I agree with Baron, "Green" is nothing but a "buzz" word. Meant to fool people with their heads in the clouds. Better to think in terms of "smart" construction.

"Green" has been hijacked by questionable technologies. My favorite

"Come Home to Coal,
Clean Coal !"

Plastics were quick to jump on the bandwagon. Personally I think its the "maintenance free" that truly sells vinyl products. The "Green" part just gives lazy hippies an excuse to buy plastic. Notice how the hippies aren't trading in their Gibson guitars for enviro friendly plastic ones.

I could go on and on... cynics tend to do that... think Ill go down and bug the wife about her "organic" shopping .
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Re: Green Is DEAD!

Originally Posted by MALCO.New.York View Post
"Green", the Hype and Hoopla Media Blitz fad IS dying out! The trendy poser Wanna-Look-Correct liars are waining and now the REAL Green will set it's roots.

There is a difference between Green Construction and Environmental Practices and "Green".

One is real and the other is about image.
True that!!!! Couldn't have said it better myself!
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Re: Green Is DEAD!

There are plenty of ways of reducing waste on a construction site by cutting down on the amount of materials needed to build a structure, while still satisfying code requirements and being more than safe structurally. The reason for many of the practices are due simply to tradition. I think building with a mindset of trying to save materials and cut down on waste where feasible is much smarter than plastic shingles or countertops made from recycled glass or putting a bike rack in front of your house to encourage homeowners to ride a bike more often. IMO if you're that concerned about being "green" then buy an old house and fix it up rather than building a new structure and wasting more materials. A lot of material can be saved simply by moving into an existing structure and fixing it up to be more energy efficient.
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Re: Green Is DEAD!


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Re: Green Is DEAD!

come to pittsburgh and we have a 35ish story building going up right now that is going to be the worlds most green building. it will have a leed platnium certification
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Re: Green Is DEAD!

Originally Posted by neolitic View Post
And as I read this....
I'm hearing on the radio that
energy efficient products are
currently the bright spot in our
Andersen Windows just recalled
180 of the window line workers
who were laid off in January.
marvin never laid off


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