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Green Is DEAD!

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Green Is DEAD!

Interesting article in Professional Remodeler this month.

Take a look:

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Re: Green Is DEAD!

And as I read this....
I'm hearing on the radio that
energy efficient products are
currently the bright spot in our

Andersen Windows just recalled
180 of the window line workers
who were laid off in January.


Put your location in your profile!
( seems there really are dumb questions)
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Re: Green Is DEAD!

A few of my suppliers are telling me that homeowners and contractors are asking more about going green and energy efficient items with the new tax credits. We shall see

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Re: Green Is DEAD!

I was listening to something like this, I dont know what the exact numbers were, but basically the construction industry has gone way down (obviously) but the green building industry is still rising despite the economy

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Re: Green Is DEAD!

That's funny, I'm seeing the green movement as the hottest thing since leather sole shoes around here. I think we haven't even seen the tip of the iceberg yet.
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Re: Green Is DEAD!

Go green or go out of business for some of us. I like the approach of showing people how it can save over the long term and that it will enhance the value of their home when they sell.
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Re: Green Is DEAD!

"Green", the Hype and Hoopla Media Blitz fad IS dying out! The trendy poser Wanna-Look-Correct liars are waining and now the REAL Green will set it's roots.

There is a difference between Green Construction and Environmental Practices and "Green".

One is real and the other is about image.
Something to One may be Nothing to another!

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nEighter (04-22-2009)
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Re: Green Is DEAD!

yeah, I think that article meant that during downturns, people don't want to spend the cash to make something "green". They would rather take the cheaper way about things. example 4 pack of regular bulbs ~ $1.50. cfl's being $8.00 for pack of 6. ROI is pretty nice if you can sale it.
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Re: Green Is DEAD!

Thanks Cole

Right now most ppl are suffering with just the cost of living not being able to even support their families because of the economy going off the deepest end all this GREEN while waiting to be further in the RED with government setting on their hands for years...Happy Earth Day!

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Re: Green Is DEAD!

Sure, if you are talking about "Green" Products that cost much more or "Green" products that are not as good as the "Regular" products (remember that car made of adobe on Saturday Night Live) then sure, Green is just a fad. You need to have a product that is green and is also a good product all around.

The Toyota Prius is OK, but I will wait for the 2011 Honda CRZ so I can have great economy and a sporty car. The Lotus Evora is a lot like a Ferrari but gets almost 30 mpg highway.

My LED light bulbs cost a bit more, but they run cool and I have not had one burn in 2 years.

I have a planter that is made with LifeTime Lumber and it never has any problems with rot or mold and it is like new after 4 years.
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#1 stunner
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Re: Green Is DEAD!

I figured people finally realized Al Gore was full of **** and put global warming on the back burner: oh wait, it's "climate change" now.
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Re: Green Is DEAD!

I am currently in the "screw the earth, save yourself" camp right now.
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Re: Green Is DEAD!

OK, here is a perfect example of why GREEN can be good for business.

I have a friend that wants to build a new deck. She wants it to last and be low maintenance since she is older and a widow.

She is willing to spend the money now, since the housing market is down and she is not going to move for a long time, if ever. She can buy a few different products, but she is very concerned about the toxicity in PVC since she has 3 cats and they are always outside on the deck with her.

Take a look at this...

The guy who got the job was the one could get her a wood free composite lumber product that DID NOT contain PVC. (LifeTime Lumber)

I know that you are not going to sell a high end deck to every customer, I have sold lots of stuff just based on price, but don't pigeon hole yourself either. Always show the customer that you know about the whole industry.
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Re: Green Is DEAD!

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Re: Green Is DEAD!

the sun is going to burn out someday

were all screwed anyway
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Re: Green Is DEAD!

pvc decking is toxic?
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Re: Green Is DEAD!

Green is only hot because of govt rebates and incentives.
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Re: Green Is DEAD!

Originally Posted by tomstruble View Post
pvc decking is toxic?

That site has been around for a long time.
I must say, since 1979 when I sided my first house with vinyl, I haven't grown a 3rd head or been over loaded with "chemical toxicity". I haven't seen any other old timers getting strange diseases either
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Re: Green Is DEAD!

Do you honestly care one way or the other about "green" trends or even any other fads? If I can sell one or the other, and both make money and develop a happy customer, I'm going to give it a try.
"True eloquence consists in saying all that is necessary, and only that which is."
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Re: Green Is DEAD!

Just do what is right and call it smart building, no need to call it "green" it just fosters stereotypes


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