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Strange Leak During Harvey

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Strange Leak During Harvey

So i have a customer who i have done work for before...

During hurricane harvey their water got shut off for about 5-6 hrs or so. When the water got turned back on, they went to use a bathroom only to find water pooled up inside the vanity and had spilled all over the floor.

i stopped by today to check it out and locate the leak but everything is dry and looking fine. I ran the sink faucet both hot/cold and the valves/drain/supply lines are normal.

Could the water being shut off for that long built up a high pressure that when turned on it caused a temporary leak? Or am i missing something here
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Re: Strange Leak During Harvey

could the plumbing vent have leaked thru the roof in the rain?


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Re: Strange Leak During Harvey

Originally Posted by Tom Struble View Post
could the plumbing vent have leaked thru the roof in the rain?
Or the exhaust vent for the fart fan?

Welcome to the forum.
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Re: Strange Leak During Harvey

Probably just one of those once every 100 year leaks.

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Re: Strange Leak During Harvey

I wonder if this has happened more because of all the rain. I'm up in Kansas City and they've had some flood weeks about a month ago and I saw some weird leaks too. I'm guessing its because of the high pressure from the amount of water.
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Re: Strange Leak During Harvey

Water backed up through the plumbing?
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Re: Strange Leak During Harvey

I also have a similar ‘water pressure build up’ issue. The water comes rushing out about twice the normal pressure when I turn on any faucet in my home. It will last only for 2-3 seconds and then drop back to normal pressure in most cases. Sometimes, the pressure will not come down until I turn off the faucet and then turn it back on. The pressure seems to build up only when the water hasn’t been used for a while. I am quite concerned about this issue. I tried turning the screw on the top of my pressure regulator to down the pressure, but the water still comes out way too high when the faucets are first turned on. For the time being, I have decided to seek the help of a plumbing service in Markham to fix this. But I want to know whether is there anything I can do myself to fix this. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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Re: Strange Leak During Harvey

Jacki: Most likely you need an expansion tank on your Hot water heater, the installation of back flow preventers on residential homes stops the expanded hot water from "backing" up into the city mains, thus when your cold water is heated, the expanded water creates added pressure.

till then turn the temp down on the Hot water heater.

Registered as a plumber, but didn't want to spend money on a DIY? Hmmmm?

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The OP : maybe the massive drop in air pressure Burpped his DWV lines?

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Re: Strange Leak During Harvey

Originally Posted by Fouthgeneration View Post
What would Sherlock Holmes say TINSTAFL?
Dunno. Holmes' time predated SEO.
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Re: Strange Leak During Harvey

Tin, it appears to me Jackie is a Toilet wholesaler/distributor employee, who actually knows very little regarding actual plumbing, her claimed area of skill.....

but I am not the gatekeeper here.

Regards to the OP, strange things can happen as input pressures drop on pressure regulators and hydraulic systems are isolated. I'd suggest a high quality pressure regulator in addition to a oversized expansion tank, and of course anti-hammer devices at the end of long straight piping runs.


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