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Plumbers Gone Pro?

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Plumbers Gone Pro?

Just where does one study to become a "turdologist"?

The UD is quite possibly man kinds finest accomplishment.
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Re: Plumbers Gone Pro?



Falcon Contracting
Residential - Commercial
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Re: Plumbers Gone Pro?

Turdologist Webster defines it as: some one with a backround in fecal matters. Usually one employed as a plumber with a specific knowledge of waste and sewer problems. This person can usually befound knee deep in ****

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Re: Plumbers Gone Pro?

You can always count on Websters
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Re: Plumbers Gone Pro?

So where on that truck does it say plumbing?

Someone who cleans lines for a living is not necessarily a plumber by trade, there is no school to graduate from to become a Turdologist.

Sorry but Turdologist are not plumbers unless there licensed.
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Re: Plumbers Gone Pro?

To be honest in DC all the Turdologist -Sewer & Drain cleaning & jetting work are guys who could not pass the plumbing test

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Re: Plumbers Gone Pro?

The logo on the truck shows black goo shooting from the bowl, and yet the guy is smiling ?!?!
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Re: Plumbers Gone Pro?

Old Pee-eew has offered crappy degrees since its initial movement into the field of fecal education.

They have recently begun offering degree programs in toiletology, up to and including a Potty Phd, or as we like to call it, a PPhd.

Old Pee-eww, where knowing your sh*t is more than a matter of pride, its a fecal matter.
"My clients’ wishes are the center of my attention." -- David Guido, a contractor in Woodstock, N.Y.
New York Times, July 20, 2006
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Re: Plumbers Gone Pro?

One of my old short cuts
to the northern burb towns
was through the PU
(Perdue University)
"Experimental Farm" right
past the cattle barn, and through
the fields where they spread the
"cattle by-product"
That was always the comment...
Good 'Ol Peee-U!

Oh, when the weather was wet
the was no hiding the fact that
I'd taken the short cut!
Put your location in your profile!
( seems there really are dumb questions)
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Re: Plumbers Gone Pro?

This photo must be doctored. Turdologist would be an eleven digit phone #?


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