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Hole Drilled Through Valve Body

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Hole Drilled Through Valve Body

I got a call from one of my property manager customers. The section-8 inspector was out a few days ago going through his livability checklist. He checked for hot water in the third shower the tenant never uses and found no hot water. He took the cover plate off and saw the valve body was dripping water.
I went out, expecting to replace the Moen posi-temp cartridge but found the drip was coming from the middle of the bottom of the body. I pulled the old cartridge and found someone had drilled a hole through the bottom of the valve body.
My first thought was that this was done on purpose, to cause damage. Before saying anything I went downstairs and asked the tenant if the inspector had a drill with him... nope.
On closer inspection the inside of the body is scratched and marred so my current theory is someone tried to replace the cartridge before but couldn't pull the old one so they tried to drill it out and got carried away. Problem is that so far I haven't found evidence of water damage. This thing is dripping several drops per second, enough that it should soak the wall/ceiling below quickly.
I've been maintaining this property since May 2011, it's possible the property manager sent someone else out there without telling me but I rather doubt it.

Q1: Could this hole have been drilled out months/years ago but didn't actually start leaking until the inspector turned on the shower for the first time in many months?

Q2: Is there a way to repair this hole, solder it shut? I'm bidding this job as a valve body replacement at my plumber's recommendation. But if someone hear wants to chime in and say these get repaired all the time, please let me know.

Q3: What kind of idiot would do something like this?

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Re: Hole Drilled Through Valve Body

That happens more often than you would think---

Someone to cheap or ignorant to buy a cartridge pulling tool snaps off the stem--then drills out the broken cartridge---

Replace the valve body--the scoring of the valve will cause a drip--and fixing the hole? Just replace it---


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Re: Hole Drilled Through Valve Body

Sorry, at the time I thought it was the right thing to do.
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Re: Hole Drilled Through Valve Body

Replace the shower body
"To pipe" means to install a plumbing system, not "to plumb". When someone says that they "plumbed the house in" I want to cringe. What you told me is that you held a 6' level against the wall.
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Re: Hole Drilled Through Valve Body

Aww alittle silicone should fix it right up.
I need more tools.
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Re: Hole Drilled Through Valve Body

Looks like sheetrock on the opposite wall & if it is an inside wall you can replace it from that side.
Drill a hole through the sheetrock to mark it from the valve side. Cut a 2' x 2' square. Replace the Valve. Install the square piece back in using 1x backers for screws.....................


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