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Dishwasher In My Own Home

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Re: Dishwasher In My Own Home

Dos Equis
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Re: Dishwasher In My Own Home

As far as a stand pipe goes I can not think of a place.

Next to this cabinet is the front closet. Really do not want it in back of that. Can not even put it in the wall and cover with a vent as right below this wall is the center beam of the house, which is tight to the sub-floor and the joists hang off. then it is open space. the other way is the walk way then a pantry cabinet which has the furnace below it. then the fridge. and really your at the main stack.

The nearest the stand pipe could be is about 7-8 feet away. plus going under the floor and back up again.
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Re: Dishwasher In My Own Home

Maybe I could sneak a standpipe between the floor joist and ductwork and up through the floor. The put the P-trap in the horizontal about 3 feet away. Would be real tight and awkward.
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Re: Dishwasher In My Own Home

I wish I could help you. Without seeing it it's very difficult to give any decent advice.

If you can't, and your forced to use a running trap (which I wouldn't) then at least run it in 2" because it's a pumped discharge.

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Re: Dishwasher In My Own Home

I pulled that out of thin air.....have no idea what you meatheads drink. I almost said Moosehead but a Canadian told me years ago its a crap beer in Canada.
Mike every arsehole north of the 49th has a different opinion.

Blue is probably the most popular, followed by Molson Canadian, Export, Moosehead, Keiths and Sleeman. Coors light and Bud are popular here aswell.

My daily poison is Sleeman Cream Ale, when I feel rich I drink Millstreet Tankhouse.

...But that's another thread.
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Re: Dishwasher In My Own Home

Crap- because of ductwork I can not do an island loop. Just too much in the way.

Here is a way I saw in a house that I could get to work.

Take the discharge hose from the dishwasher, do the high loop behind or beside the dishwasher, take it down through the floor, run it 2 feet horizontal to get over ductwork and into the top of a p-trap. then it is 7 feet horizontal to the main 3inch stack.

for the venting -
There is an existing 2" fixture vent line for the basement bathroom that I can access. This ties into the main stack above the fixtures on the 1st floor. I would Tee off this just below the floor joists and tie it into the drain line just before the p-trap.

Hopefully it is clear in the picture.


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