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Crazy Drain Job Using Low-heel Inlet Bend

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Crazy Drain Job Using Low-heel Inlet Bend

I was working on a residential remodel job (as an electrician) about a week ago and the general contractor and one of his guys decided to run all of the plumbing since the plumber's quote sounded too high.

I was occasionally observing the layout and it kept getting crazier. An existing 3" PVC horizontal waste line and copper lines ran out to the section they were remodeling. The line had an offset of 2-45's as it went from the basement ceiling (to be finished) into a crawl. They cut it there and made a tighter offset using 2-90's (no cleanout).

That line first hit a WC. They used a 3"-1.5" low heel inlet elbow which the ****ter drops directly into.... a horizontal 1.5" comes right out of the back and runs to the lav. The 90 turn into the wall was made using a vent elbow. After the lav, the same vertical has a sanitary tee which picks up a washer standpipe on the other side of the wall! No cleanout points are available on this branch....

The standpipe p-trap reduces fron 2-1.5" right before the trap!!
They also cut out the vent which was right above this room and plan to vent with an AAV in the lav cabinet!

Additionally- on the 3" line in the basement they tied in two 1.5" lines using sanitary tees on their backs and a mixture of quarter bends and vent elbows in getting to the kitchen sink and dishwasher locations.

I wish I had taken some pics. Anyway, I explained all the codes he violated and I said regardless of the fact that no permits were pulled, this looks sketchy enough that it will not function properly. He said they were working with limited space and had to do what they had to do. He acted like he knew the code but I seriously doubt it.

How many months/years would you give this drain line before it presents issues that the homeowner will notice? I've seen a lot of seriously screwed up plumbing that somehow functioned. I told the guy to keep me posted on whether or not this chain of dominoes goes down over the next year!
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Re: Crazy Drain Job Using Low-heel Inlet Bend

Just post a pic next time.


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Re: Crazy Drain Job Using Low-heel Inlet Bend

It's your duty to God and Country to go back and get pics!
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Re: Crazy Drain Job Using Low-heel Inlet Bend

Originally Posted by jhark123 View Post
It's your duty to God and Country to go back and get pics!

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