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Total Stations Or GPS

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Re: Total Stations Or GPS

Originally Posted by pritch View Post
Yes. I'm old school and figure rise and runs from a known point, but we have units that you just set anywhere and shoot 2 known points and then (providing the job has been modeled and loaded into the machine) it just knows where everything is. These take a lot of work at the front end in the office, but it saves a lot of time in the field. We have the Trimble LM-80 system, but there are others.
By shooting the centre I imagine is more accurate then trying to balance the target to split thd edge of the template
Im after fortune and frame
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Re: Total Stations Or GPS

Originally Posted by ubcguy89 View Post
if you are to GC on a large commercial building coming out of the ground, your surveyours give you 2 hubs (points). you are responsible for the remaining points. they give you an elevation point you are responsible for maintaing the elevations. accuracy is key, and a thedeolite is great, but total stations are replacing them because of the ease of use, and the accuracy of the shots. if you are off one minute in 50' your off 3/16 if you are off one degree in 50' your off 10 1/2''. I have used second guns that will shoot a mile within one second. who do you want laying out your airport me with the total station or your with a thedeolite? my mans anchor bolts will be right on shooting off of a hub guaranteed
Do they even make theodolites anymore? They are pretty much second hand now. Museum pieces pretty much.
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Re: Total Stations Or GPS

I always wonder why, as soon as a new tool is invented, everything that was ever done with the previous tool is somehow wrong. Imagine all the airports (for example) that have been laid out with a theodolite before total stations were invented. I'm a pretty darn good layout guy, but even with the finest tools available today, I doubt I could do a better job on the Pyramids or the Roman Colosseum or even the Chrysler Building.
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Re: Total Stations Or GPS

We shoot in a point on either side of the footing/pier/column, say 5' from the center on both sides. Pop in a nail and pull a string. Draw a cross on your template and line it up with the string and then measure over 5' from either nail to the center of the baseplate and you're good to go.
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Re: Total Stations Or GPS

Sorry to bring up old post but GPS works on a grid system. At sea level 1' is 1' and it goes up from there like a cone. So with a scale factor of .9999 and 500' building line it turns into 499.95. That's over 1/2". There is ways around this. Just a little food for thought.


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