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The Blue Book

Don't join the Blue Book. I am a subcontractor who joined a year ago.
I do get a lot of bid invitations through the Blue Book, but they are of no use to me for one main reason. They do not show me all of the general contractors who are bidding a project. The only name you will see is the G.C who sent you the invitation. What are the chances of landing a project if you only send your bid to one G.C. who is bidding? Also, the G.C. is responsible for loading the plans and specs to the site for you to view. However, most of the time they do not load them or do not load everything that you need to complete a bid. When I go to other plan centers, I am always able to get a complete list of general contractors who I can send my bid to, and a complete set of plans and specs.
If you want bid invitations sent to you, call, fax or visit the general contractors in your area and ask them to put you on their bid invitation list. Join one or two plan centers and they will provide you with new projects and plans and specs. You will never see all of the jobs available to bid unless you join every plan center in your area, and that can be very expensive. But you will still get more for your money than if you sign on with the Blue Book.
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Re: The Blue Book

i hear you... waste of time.. i joined three years ago... alot of bid invites... but never landed a job from any blue book lead-invite


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Re: The Blue Book

OK, so I'll give you my perspective as a GC that uses Blue Book.

I don't WANT you to bid all my competition. I want to know that you took the time to do a thorough job on the bid. If all the info isn't there, I'd be expecting a phone call from you. Maybe I left off a few key pieces to see if you were really interested in the job and paying attention, or just want to whore your number around.

I rarely trust an unsolicited bid from a sub that I don't know because they just "downloaded the plans from the website." How do I know you downloaded all the correct plans. And believe me, I post EVERYTHING, and the girls in the office hate me for it, because they have to scan HUGE spec books.

Blue Book is really nothing more than a lead source, with the convenience of a plan room. Not a project reporting service like Dodge or Reed
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Re: The Blue Book

The only thing bluebook is good for is to find contractors phone numbers.
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Re: The Blue Book

I am an estimator and we land jobs all the time from blue book.
Its not the only plan room we use but do thing its a great tool.
You can usually call the arch. for a bid list. and your lucky if you get 5% of what you bid. from any plan room.
Yes you have to make calls to the Gcs if you have questions.
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Re: The Blue Book

Blue Book is a complete joke. I say this as a customer of 4 years who has invested over $20,000 into the Blue Book. Yes, I did get phone calls originating from the Blue Book. This lead to the sale of a shovel and a pair of gloves. So I share with you my math which is the reason I will end all business with Blue Book.

Total Investment: $20,500
Total Return on Investment: $28 or about $8 in profit
Net Profit/(Loss) on Blue Book: ($20,492)

Out 20 grand. Sure the economy is weak, but throwing away money is throwing away money. STAY AWAY FROM THE BLUE BOOK SCAM NETWORK.
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Re: The Blue Book

Why were you selling shovels and gloves on Blue Book? It is for commercial tradesmen..


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