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Recovering From Rained-on Concrete?

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Recovering From Rained-on Concrete?

I'm the GC on my own house project. Last week my subcontractor poured the basement floor. All went perfect-proper slump, great crew, reinforcing mesh at the right height, pex tubing for radiant stayed put. Cool, cloudy morning so it wasn't drying out too fast.

Only one snag--It RAINED A HARD 1/2 INCH RIGHT AFTER THE FIRST TROWELING. (No one's fault, nearest rain was 100 miles away when we started, going away from us--it just popped up.)

It washed away the surface cement, leaving sand and water. I helped them squeegee off the water and they somewhat recovered the surface with much troweling and sprinkling on dry cement and silica sand mix. Most of the floor looks good at this point. (I am curing it under water to keep it as strong as possible.) I am confident the over-all strength of the slab is fine. However, around the edges where the power trowels couldn't reach the surface flakes off.

How do I recover from this? Should I have the concrete guy grind off the edges and put some coating on? Is there a specialty contractor/product I should use? I have already given up on the idea of acid staining those floors. (We will probably just tile them now.)

Do I have to worry about the main surface flaking even though they got it troweled good? (Final troweling was almost 5 hours after initial placement of the concrete. 4 in. slump raised to 6 in. with plasticizer.)

Thanks for the help,
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Re: Recovering From Rained-on Concrete?

who made the call to make the pour?

If it was the sub, then he needs to worry about all of the problems you asked about and take care of them.

Not inferring you should not be involved and concerned with the final product but if he made the call to pour and failed to protect the pour, it is his repsonsibility to repair whatever is needed.

as to the actual questions; I have no fricken idea. I don;t do concrete.

Now, if you have some questions about the wiring, let 'em fly.


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I'm a Mac
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Re: Recovering From Rained-on Concrete?

Since you are planning on tiling the floor I personally wouldn't get to excited about the edges, make sure all the flaking is finished or remove any loose areas prior to tiling. The flaking is the surface/cosmetic only, not structural.
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Re: Recovering From Rained-on Concrete?

Have you thought about having a polished concrete floor.

Don't know how far down your damage is, but if not too deep could be ground down.

We will be starting a commercial building that will have polished concrete floors, and I really like the looks of polished concrete floors. One of the new Wal Marts built here recently has a concrete polished floor and it looks great.
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Re: Recovering From Rained-on Concrete?


Thanks for the reply. I just wondered if the edges needed grinding to make sure all the flaking is taken off.

Also, my concrete staining guy just called. He thinks we might still be able to use stain but we'd have to put a thin layer of special cement on first. (If this gets too involved, it may end up cheapest simply to tile it.)


I wonder if the grinder can make the flaking area the same as the other? Like I said above, it may be cheaper just to tile it.

Thanks for the replies,
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Re: Recovering From Rained-on Concrete?

its called a micro topping, or coating, listen to your staining guy, it does not sound like a big problem.
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Re: Recovering From Rained-on Concrete?

I agree with Gene, Microtop. There is a rough and fine grade of the product available, usually through a decorative concrete supply. you wont find it at home depot or Lowes.
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Re: Recovering From Rained-on Concrete?

You dont want to Acid stain a floor if its not flawless,The acid stain is a beatiful thing but its transparent.And what ever you see on the floor now you will still see.I would clean it very good (around the edges)cause if its going to flake you can pop it up pretty easy.Then either epoxy it or Cover it.If your finishers recovered it that soon the floor should be find they took the right procedures in fininshing it.



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