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Rebar Question

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Rebar Question

Hello everyone,

I'd like your opinion on something.

A friend of mine, who is also a contractor, had a project where he needed to hire a rodbusting crew to tie 12 piers. The piers are 32 feet long, and you place and tie five #6 rebar in each pier

Well, the steel company estimated the job and sent out the steel. Instead of pre-cutting all the #6's at 32 feet, they instead decided to send everything out at 40 foot length. So the steel tier sub-contractor has to use a torch and/or a concrete saw to cut all of the #6 rebar at 32 feet himself. Steel company sent out a total of 55 #6 rebars at 40 foot length.

The job came out short on rebar - no surprise. The steel company estimator stated that he did not underestimate on the amount of rebar needed. The owner of the steel company showed up to the job and insisted to the concrete contractor that all of the 8' long left over pieces could have been spliced together by the steel tiers to complete the job, and if they had done that, the job would not have been short on rebar.

The owner of the steel company then stated that if he had to deliver five more #6 rebars at 40 foot length, he would bill the concrete contractor; He blamed the steel tying sub-contractor for coming up short for not splicing all the 8' long pieces together to complete the last pier needed.

My question is, how reasonable is this, and how much splicing is too much splicing for such a job?

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Re: Rebar Question

I have done many jobs in FL with rebar .The standard length on the pieces "your buddy orders" is 40' long.If it was a large order they would have fabricated to all the correct lengths but this is a very small order to even get delivered.
To suggest that they splice the smaller pieces was also a mistake and would probably not pass inspection.
Who's to blame?I could not tell you?
Your friend should have ordered enough 40' standard pieces to cut the 32' pieces out of if he knew what he was doing.\

Your trade is listed as rebar?Never heard of that?Are you a ironworker/rodbuster or just another amateur getting in over your head???


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Re: Rebar Question

No No No
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Re: Rebar Question

When I get a rebar quote, it's usually X tons for a lump sum of $Y. I expect the steel company to make shop drawings. If it's all straight stuff then I tell them I want 15 bars at 32' long.

Having said that, can bars be spliced? Sure as long as there's proper lap. Most of the time when I hire a rodbuster, it usually for so much a ton, so splices aren't an issue. The lap is included in the tonnage.

It sounds like someone is over their head.
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Re: Rebar Question

Rebar cab be spliced but in your situation there should be no need to.When splicing rebar it is usually around 36 x bar diameter.So for a #4 at 1/2 " dia. the lap would be 18".This needs to be speced by the engineer and I doubt any would go along with splicing 5 eight footers to make a 32' coloumn.
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Re: Rebar Question

Where's the shop drawings?
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Re: Rebar Question

bury it in the concrete, who's gonna know

chalk it up as experience
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Re: Rebar Question

Sounds like a bit of both. Sounds like the supplier got over on the connected sub. This should've been discussed before. I wouldve wanted them in 32' lengths. To splice together 4 bars to get 32 is great but someone (supplier) is leaving out the part about splicing. Bow your going to have to add another bar to the 4. Talk about a lot of work. I would pronely back charge them to tie it all because we hired you to fab it. Not make a bunch of extra time for me and my men.


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