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Expansion Gap

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Expansion Gap

I have a customer that had her driveway approach (by that I mean the slab outside of the garage door) raised up a couple years back. It had been sinking prior to and seems to be holding up now. The expansion joint in between the new pour and the old slab is deteriorating. Is there any concern with this? Is there something I can use to 'caulk' it?

She also has a couple of cracks in the crete. What is the best product to seal them up? Is it necessary?

Thanks for your help. Concrete is not my game....

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Re: Expansion Gap


Use sand to make your joint even and about 1/2" deep with a dam at both ends made of sand...btw use dry sand and make sure all surfaces are dry. Then purchase a quart caulk gun and apply self levelling urethane caulk, which you can now find at big box stores..sika is one brand.
Fill to 1'16 below top...let cure for couple of days. Done.
Cracks...geez this is a deal esp. if you have alot of freeze thaw issues. Cracks that go from edge to edge are thru slab and may need to be addressed. It looks like crap but you can seal them with urethane caulk same brand but trowel grade. Simply clean, apply and wipe off excess w/ trowel...looks like sh__ but works.
Hope this helps.


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Re: Expansion Gap

I like the sand idea in the expansion joint - personally, would not caulk unless with a very pliable, flexible product. Those joints are there for a reason and if you stop the movement - well, you're going to get cracks elsewhere, defeating the purpose of the expansion joint.

We use a product called Roadware Mender for fixing cracks. They have a site (you'll have to call them to find a distributor) but watch their online videos - it's pretty nice stuff to work with and looks fine when finished.


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