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Cold Weather Concreting

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Cold Weather Concreting

I recently had a footer for a retaining wall poured and the person who did the job did not seemed concerned with the temperature falling to 20 degrees the night after we poured. He covered the footer with insulation and I was told the use a heater to keep it warm. I ran the heater for 20 minutes every couple hours till about 1am or about 9 hours after the pour, then started the heater again in the morning around 8am. I assumed the concrete contractor knew what he was talking about but the more I read about concreting in cold weather, I'm unsure of the strength of the concrete. Opinions? Is there any way to tell now the strength of the footer?
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Re: Cold Weather Concreting

If you dont trust your concrete guy then why did you hire him?
If your worried about pouring in the cold then why didn't you wait?

Your the home owner right?

Sounds like the concrete guy took precautions covering the pour with insulation. Concrete is a chemical reaction which will generate it own heat. Next time do your research before you hire someone.


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Re: Cold Weather Concreting

The concrete is fine. Or are you looking for a different answer so you don't have to pay?
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Re: Cold Weather Concreting

You are concerned by the air temperature and not the soil or concrete (that generates some heat) and forgetting about the thermal storage of heavy construction materials. the insulation was really to retain the internal heat and a few little puffs of warm air do not have that much effect.

In MN, a good concrete and masonry contractor can excavated and build with block in 4 days to let the nail benders in to cap and enclose and heating can be temporarily hung from the basement ceiling and heat the soon to be closed space and extend the construction system when it is needed. - A retaining wall footing is a little different because it is smaller and not deep enough to get to warmer soil.

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Re: Cold Weather Concreting

The first night is not as critical as the 2nd night. The first night its creating enough heat in its setting up process that it will be ok but by the 2nd night, the heat has dissipated and there is still moisture in the concrete that can freeze. If your temp got up during the day and its covered, as he did, it will retain the heat it absorbs during the day. You will be fine.
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