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Cedar Sawdust Stained New Stamped Concrete

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Cedar Sawdust Stained New Stamped Concrete

I am no concrete guy.

How do I remove the cedar sawdust stains from fresh stamped concrete? It has not been sealed yet.
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Re: Cedar Sawdust Stained New Stamped Concrete

I guess I'm on my own with this one....diluted muriatic acid? Maybe bleach, and a strong, short-fiber brush.

The stamped concrete has a green coloring added to make it look like green slate. I don't want to effect that too much. But something has to be done about the brown cedar stains.

I wish I had known of this ahead...this is a bad situation.

Thanks for any help in advance.


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Re: Cedar Sawdust Stained New Stamped Concrete

Buy a mild detergent for cleaning concrete. There are many manufactures out there. Go to a local masonry supply house they should have something there. Try finding a detergent at www.prosoco.com.
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Re: Cedar Sawdust Stained New Stamped Concrete


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Re: Cedar Sawdust Stained New Stamped Concrete

wallmaxx,as Brickie suggested.....call one of your mason supply companys....They have a wealth of information and perhaps have even delt with your cedar bleed problem.....Worse case you may have to apply a water base stain,again I would lean upon thier expertise. Good Luck!
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Re: Cedar Sawdust Stained New Stamped Concrete

Give the guys at Mutual Materials a call.

Mutual Materials
4140 Bakerview Spur
Bellingham, WA 98226

Well can't find the phone number for the Bellingham store, maybe its not there anymore.

Try the Burlington store.

1912 S Burlington Blvd
Burlington, WA 98233

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Re: Cedar Sawdust Stained New Stamped Concrete

Since your dealing with an organic stain, I would suggest a cleaner designed for removing organic stains and odors. Your best bet is an organic pet stain and odor remover. test in an inconspicuous area to make sure it won't hurt the color pigment, and then apply generously to the stain. I wouldn't scrub though, After that a light power washing will do the trick. just my 2 cents.
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Re: Cedar Sawdust Stained New Stamped Concrete

This stuff should do it, and will not damage the job.... POULTICE, good luck. G

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Re: Cedar Sawdust Stained New Stamped Concrete

Sorry to hear about your problem. Construction projects rarely go off without a hitch. I do not know the coloring method used on your project. I will make an assumption that it was poured using integral color or color hardener and a powder release agent. In this case you can use bleach on the tannins (what gives the wood color) left by the cedar. Apply bleach to the affected area and let it work for 30 minutes- you want the bleach to remain on the surface and subpores of the affected area so periodically misting more bleach in this time frame may be necessary ( As the bleach will tend to be sucked up by unsealed concrete like a sponge). Rinse area with water to remove any material left. If a powder release was used do not scrub hard on the slab as it will remove some of the release powder and give you an additional discoloration problem. Tannins from the wood if left there will also undergo another color change in time they will grey out just like the lumber. In the worst case scenario, the tannin stain does not lift off or your release is removed, you can use a waterbase stain to recolor and blend the area. Care must be taken to select the color, all you will need is a sample bottle from a manufacturer. Try a couple colors in a tiny inconspicuous spot to verify tint compatability. You could go to www.concretestains.biz or try www.walttools.com.
Hope this helps,


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