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Sound Proofing Existing Condo Walls

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Sound Proofing Existing Condo Walls

client wants to make his condo into recording studio.
its an old building
we demo`ed all surfaces , and are just studs and rafters.

he`s go us double-5/8 rocking between the studs on the walls are dividing his space from the tenant next door , and the hallways.
also, in between the wood rafters (2x10`S)
we`re using a specialized adhesive on each sheet.

after that we will be putting double 5/8 rock on the surfaces , again with a specialized " green-glue" adhesive.
they will also be on sound isolation clips , and tracks

thoughts or inputs?

do you think the rock between the studs and rafters will make much of a distance , if i`m already installing it on the surface , and on isolation clips
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Re: Sound Proofing Existing Condo Walls

doubt you will be able to achieve results that your client will be happy with without building stand alone walls with all the sound proof goodies also soundproofing the existing walls.

hat track and a product from roxul will be worth including.

you should also look into fire codes for this project.


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Re: Sound Proofing Existing Condo Walls

The quiet rooms I have seen had double walls that kept the framing separated, it would reduce sound transfer through the stud walls. Sound dampening insulation was installed as well.

A recording studio will need some acoustic work also.
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Re: Sound Proofing Existing Condo Walls

The one and only one I've done was a sound proof room within a sound proof room. Wouldn't have been very effective otherwise.
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Re: Sound Proofing Existing Condo Walls

I think you have a pretty good detail, but it won't block all the low freeqnency sound transfer. Added mass of any type will help with low freeqnency transfer.

What about the HVAC system is it forced air shared between spaces?

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Re: Sound Proofing Existing Condo Walls

I've had architects spec drywall installed on cleats between the joists with Roxul above... Not sure if it was worth all the work, but I just built what they wanted.

When I soundproof condos (not for studios, but just for quiet living) I go with a lot of Roxul wherever I can stuff it, then either double drywall with GreenGlue on channel with clips, or a layer of Homasote and double drywall with Green Glue.

TradeMark Hardware in upstate NY has a good website with a lot of items available. I use them for clips and automatic door bottoms.
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Re: Sound Proofing Existing Condo Walls

i`m wrong , client said he wants me to put some type of blanket insulation in after i install the double drywall between the walls-studs , and ceiling rafters.
this job is a struggle
he`s the nicest guy . a doctor. he`s enjoying this project , and wants to do each phase individually.
so i`ve got the permit pulled for 3 months , and all we've done is demo .
he stopped it to research more.
i , as the g.c. on the job , want to make time , and get this sucker going.
but he is kind of one-dimensional. and insists on doing it in pieces.
so i`m pricing as i go , cant even line up subs , because he really doesn`t have finish details , so plumber or electrician can`t get started, can`t een price it out yet. .
doing this 30 years
its totally against me grain
but i`m doing , and then jumping off the job , and doing other projects.
drives me nuts . i`m the kind who doesn`t job-hop.
only thing stopping me from leaving is i was referred by my best friend , plus the doctor is honest , and i know he wont screw me.
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Re: Sound Proofing Existing Condo Walls

We published this article recently that you might find interesting.
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Re: Sound Proofing Existing Condo Walls

sorry guys

just got to see this

i know its not going to be " sound-"proof"
. i told them in the contract , and verbally , it`ll be sound-"restricted"
apparently its wide open the top 2 feet , so any conversation bounces off the glass walls now , and probably sounds like a hallway.

so , i believe what their shooting for is closing the top off , so the conversations won`t bounce right into the adjacent office/s.

i was going to frame up wood stud walls, then put blanket insulation , and then 2 layers of soundboard , and then drywall it

but with all the cutting i will have to do because of the ridiculous amount of ducting , and piping , i`m thinking just make panels , and do away with the stud partition part

plywood/soundboard both sides/drywall both sides
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Re: Sound Proofing Existing Condo Walls

Sounds like your client is asking for trouble with the neighbors. Has he notified the condo board of his intentions? I have seen law suits over noise levels in condo buildings.
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Re: Sound Proofing Existing Condo Walls

Sound control is a science and many people have different objectives that require different solutions. There's a local company I've been using for probably 20 years that also consult and sell products nation wide.

From Experience:

Green Glue...all I can say is LOL, it's more a placedo than anything. It works as a gasket between materials but not a product that stops sound or vibration.

To stop sound waves, you need density. Movie theaters I've worked on have walls that are 6" studs, mineral wool and 5 layers of 5/8 each side, the walls are them covered in 2" fiberglass insulation and fabric panels.

In offices we use a product call AlphaSeal. It's a very dense and heavy vinyl sheet that gets installed under the finished layer of rock. There are times we are working in finished spaces so we'll install it over the existing GWB, and then add a layer of GWB.

When new drywall work isn't practical, we use panels attached to the existing walls. It's basically a denser fiberglass sheet (similar to HVAC duct board) the dense vinyl is attached to that and them everything is covered with fabric.

The folks at Acoustical solutions will help with the engineering side. They don't ever charge me for the simple stuff as long as I buy their products.

I have very little experience with recording type rooms but I do know they key is to keep sound from bouncing around. That is different than keeping sound waves from passing thru walls, ceiling, floor.


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