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Blow In Insulation

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Blow In Insulation

I have a 12 year old house that has fiberglass batt insulation and the contractor did a really bad job. I want to add some blow in insulation to help bring our energy costs down. In our ceiling we have about 30 recessed lights. Now the way I understand it you should not cover those with insulation.

1) Is that correct about not covering the lights with insulation?
2) If you are not to cover them how do you seal them off so the insulation isn't touching them?
3) Can anyone share their process on how to deal with this?

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Re: Blow In Insulation

You might want to check the cans and see if they are insulation compatible. If they are, nothing needs to be done, and if not, they have blocking materials for them, and the blow in covers them completely.


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Versacoat (02-25-2010)
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Re: Blow In Insulation

cans - if they aren't certified for direct contact then:
use a sheet material (generally sheetrock or 1/2" High-R) to box around the light. What you really want/need to do is stop air infiltration through the cans, so seal with single or 2 part foam.

I'm not particularly familiar with cooling houses, so I can't give you many more suggestions then that
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Re: Blow In Insulation

If they are only 12 years old you have a chance they are insulation contact lights as that was the standard for outside ceiling here then check them. If they are not I would be hesitant sealing them up with foam or even boxing them in with such. They make a metal product to do this you can get a an insulation supply house or better yet switch them out.

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Re: Blow In Insulation

If they are not IC rated, we make a box out of sheetrock, keeping 3" clearance on all sides and above. Use can foam to seal the edges of the box. Do NOT insulate above them.
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Versacoat (02-26-2010)
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Re: Blow In Insulation

Make sure you save your receipts for when it comes time to do your taxes. Insulation projects fall under the American Taxpayer Relief Act and you can qualify for huge tax credits!

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Re: Blow In Insulation

If you give yourself plenty of clearance above the lights around your blocking(8-12 inches) a breathable material such as fanfold may be a good idea to drastically cut airflow and give some r-value. I've always avoided leaving them completely uncovered as much as possible. If there isn't an R-value applied universally to the attic plane, it will drastically effect performance.
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Re: Blow In Insulation

I'm no insulation contractor...... but seems to me that if you are going to the trouble of insulating, while you are up there, it is worthwhile to go ahead and replace your cans with obviously IC (insulation conjtact) rated cans, and I go ahead with IC air tight cans....

the airtights are more expensive, but it seems to me that ceiling cans are like a lot if individual chimneys throughout my home.....

not sure if technology has now brought on IC airtight LED fixtures... might be a consideration while you're doing it.


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