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Basement Wall Insulation

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Basement Wall Insulation

Here's my scenario:

I am a contractor, but this project is my own home.

I'm thinking to encapsulate my basement walls with spray-foam insulation. There are multiple reasons for this. The foundation of the home is very old (stone & dirt). Water tended to leak through at various points, so a perimeter drain/sump were installed with plastic on the walls to divert the water. This has helped resolve the moisture problems in the basement, but has created a new problem. Mold is growing behind the plastic. I am certified in mold-remediation, so I have a good handle on how to deal with that; my question is more along the lines of how to put things back together so I don't have continuing problems.

After removing the plastic, and removing and treating the mold, I was leaning towards installing new plastic (to continue to direct any ground water into the sump system) and then framing walls in front of the foundation to use as a framework to hold spray foam insulation. I am guessing that spray foam would not cling very well to plastic, so in order to get a fairly even application it would be good to frame up some walls first. Obviously these would need to be either metal or PT bottom plates with a capillary break. My concern is that I couldn't find this exact system detailed anywhere. has a good bit of information, but their systems don't call for the plastic behind the spray-foam due to the fact that moisture needs to be able to dry towards the basement. My guess is that I'd be okay, because any moisture on the exterior side of the plastic would be diverted to the drainage system, and anything on the interior side could dry inwards, assuming I use an open cell foam. What do I apply to the foam as a fire retardant?

Thoughts about this? I think I would want to spray the foam up to cover the sill plate and bandboard.

It's worth noting that the basement is strictly utility space, as the ceiling is too low (about 5'-10") for a living space.

Thanks in advance!
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