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What To Use On Sandblasted Security Doors?

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What To Use On Sandblasted Security Doors?

I'm painting an exterior and got talked into taking the security doors down and having them sandblasted at a local shop. It was fairly expensive to have done but it's like having a brand new set of security doors. Sherwin Williams recommended DTM latex, (direct to metal). Of course this was their assistant manager and I can't believe I listened to him. I sprayed a light first coat on the doors and they stayed tacky for an unbelievable amount of time. I sprayed them at 9AM and at 8PM tonight they were still not dry enough to really handle.

To make matters worse, the lawn boy got grass clippings on the doors and they stuck to the doors pretty good. I didn't realize the lawn boy was even coming but he obviously paid little attention. So, I'm going to lightly sand them, as they're basically still down to the wrought iron after the sandblasting. This time I'm either going with good ole SWP oil or Industrial Enamel. Any suggestions on what SW products would hold up reasonably well for these doors. SW's metal latex and DTM products suck at drying, they stay tacky forever and never seem to cure out all the way. Opinions?
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Re: What To Use On Sandblasted Security Doors?

Can't believe the dry time......I have used DTM before and it dries quick. Might have got a can that sat a long time and didn't get mixed real well, or was it tinted?

As for the metalatex.....it works well. We just used it on our last job.....doors and casings. Sprayed some of them and it worked good, and brushed good too.


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Re: What To Use On Sandblasted Security Doors?

Unless theres a quarter gallon of tint I dont understand why it wouldnt dry fast. Maybe you need to use the dtm metal primer finish for base coat I dont know. Never heard of latex dtm taking more than an hour or two to dry. We use it that product quite often and have no complaints. Im not a fan of oil products other than for interior trim.
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Re: What To Use On Sandblasted Security Doors?

Never heard of latex dtm taking more than an hour or two to dry. We use it that product quite often and have no complaints.
Same here. I am a big fan of DTM for certain purposes. I have sprayed hundreds of gallons of it and have never had it take more than an hour or two to dry, that's the beauty of it. Usually dries to touch in a half hour or so unless it is really cold or extreamley humid.

My only thoughts are like the others, it had a ton of tint, was very old, wasn't mixed well, or possibly contaminated with another product.
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