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Satin Paint Vs. Stain On Rough Cedar Siding

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Satin Paint Vs. Stain On Rough Cedar Siding

I do faux so exterior is a whole 'nother ball game!

House faces West and gets a lot of direct sun. Live in wooded area so moisture is an issue. Had acrylic stain on the rough sawn cedar siding on front of house. My best guess is that it was last stained 10 years ago. The stain had faded but was not peeling or cracked. It had just faded to a pale imitation of its former self. Didn't look bad but needed to be refreshed.

I hired a contractor to replace a dozen boards of cedar siding that had split and were in general disrepair on the front of the house. I only had the damaged boards replaced; contractor did a great job. Also hired him to stain the entire front of the house. He sub-contracted w/ a painter. I gave the contractor the cans from the previous stain job--solid acrylic stain (flat obviously) for the body of the house and acrylic paint for the trim (I think it was satin)--so that he could match product type and product color.

The painter finished up a couple weeks ago. Every time I pull up in front of my house, I think, 'Man, something just doesn't look right....' The wood grain has become very raised & prominent and there are shiny patches all over. There are large dark splotchy areas. The paint still looks wet and when you look up at the house, it is almost reflective. There are spots where tannin has bled through (old piece of wood under old shutter had not been painted) and the "imperfections" in the wood (knots and very roughsawn hairy parts of the wood) are magnified. I was wondering whether the painter had not primed properly. I was looking over the leftover cans from this job and discovered that the painter SWITCHED(!) product type AND sheen type without my permission and didn't even bother to let me know. He used a SATIN latex on the whole front of the house on top of the old acrylic stain. (It's my undestanding he only primed the new boards and did not prime the previously stained boards.)The sub is saying that he uses exterior satin latex for all his clients and he thought I would like it. (To the contrary.....I've always thought exterior satin/glossy latex looks cheap and unprofessional. MAJOR pet peeve.) Only positive is that he used Sherwin-Williams (15 yr guarantee; for what that's worth....I don't know). Also concerned that it rained on Saturday--steady rain all day--and he showed up Sunday morning to paint. Sent him on his way b/c no way wood would have been dry. He returned on Monday and primed(?) and painted the front from 8 to noon'ish.

I am really upset as I specifically wanted stain because it has been my experience with cedar that stain looks better and doesn't tend to peel. I have a very tall house and don't want to deal w/ climbing up on a ladder to deal w/ peeling paint. I am especially p!$#d that he didn't consult with me or even ask if it was okay to make the switch. He just went ahead and did it. (Kind of like going to a barber shop and ending up with a mohawk when you asked for him to trim up the sides a little bit!)

I DO NOT want this shiny crap on the front of my house. The painter is saying that he can safely apply a flat stain (no primer) directly over the satin paint. I'm not inclined to believe this. A paint shop is telling me that in order to get rid of the shine, I need to bond it with a primer then PAINT over that w/ a flat latex. I feel like I've been painted into a corner (pun intended)---never wanted to go w/ paint in the first place but yet I'll be stuck w/ it and the maintenance of it for the next 20 years. There is the nuclear option.....make them re-side the front of the house, properly prime, then stain. Nuclear option would make me whole, but seems harsh. To the contractor's credit, he is very apologetic and seems willing to work w/ me to get this fixed (how it will be fixed is the issue). So:

1. let them prime over the satin paint and put flat latex PAINT over top?

2. should i have my contractor contact his insurer? never had anyone screw up so bad on a such a big job. just not sure what to do.

3. is it unreasonable to ask for replacement siding and new stain? (haven't asked for this yet)

4. any concerns that i am missing here or problems i should be aware of?

i apologize for the length, but just trying to give as much info as possible to help get the best answer! thanks for your time!
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Re: Satin Paint Vs. Stain On Rough Cedar Siding

I think that's the longest 1st post I've ever seen.


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Re: Satin Paint Vs. Stain On Rough Cedar Siding

If the old stain was not primed the latex paint will continue to get worse. Priming and re-painting will not fix this unless the latex paint is stripped off first. It's your house! Call the insurance agent in! Get it replaced! I would...
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Re: Satin Paint Vs. Stain On Rough Cedar Siding

I'd go for option #3, and, as a far distant second choice, settle for cob-blasting and restain. I wouldn't settle for any of the other options.

Yes, your painter did screw up, royally, and needs to make it right.
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Re: Satin Paint Vs. Stain On Rough Cedar Siding

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