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Roll On Texture

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Roll On Texture

I have a customer that wants roll on texture. He wants me to use joint compound and trowel or brush to put it on the wall and then use a texture roller to make the texture as if you were to do knock down but doesn't want to knock it down. I only do quality work and I want it to look the best it can. Any advice on how to achieve this? What tools could make this easier and look the best? Should I brush the joint compound on the wall or use a knife? How heavy should I put it?

If you think I should talk him into a different texture, please let me know. He wants this texture to hide imperfections in the wall. He doesn't want to have to float walls.

If you would like to look at some of my work my website is:
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Re: Roll On Texture

Roll on texture, IMHO, looks like crap.

A nice heavy skip trowel will hide alot and it will look 10x better.


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Re: Roll On Texture

I've blended in a patch by putting a thin skim over it, then back rolling with a wetted wool roller. It looks good, but I don't think I'd want to do a whole room that way

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Re: Roll On Texture

any heavy texture on walls will collect dust over time then look like sh!t. You don't say how bad the imperfections are. If he wants to cover the tape joints without first finishing them, no texture will work.

Getting a texture to work may take more labor than doing the repairs. Try a small area, don't paint it, if it looks like crap, wet it down then scrape it off.
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Re: Roll On Texture

That sounds like a good idea. I will definitly mention it to him. LOL
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Re: Roll On Texture

I agree, them stupid texture rollers never work right when in my hands

The only time I had a roller work half decent was when I toock a 1/2 nap and wrapped some twine around it

Skip trowel will look better imho as well

You can tell the guy any one off texture will be a pain and alot more costly should it ever need to be repaired on


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