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Painting Slopes

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Painting Slopes

What is the general opinion when doing white ceilings and colored walls?.

I see some people paint the slopes the same as the walls and other cases I see people paint the angles like the ceiling. So it's a choice thing.

To me I feel like if you paint the angles the same as the walls the room will feel taller if you paint the angled slopes the same as the ceiling flat I feel like it lowers the ceiling.
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Re: Painting Slopes

Because of the large area and the way the light shows any and all imperfections in the mud work and paint , I would prefer to paint it with flat paint .


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Re: Painting Slopes

Depends on the room. I tend to lean wall color mostly.
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Re: Painting Slopes

I lean toward ceiling white in large rooms, but if it's a kids' bedroom upstairs..either way.

As for painting the drywall "sides" of dropped beams, etc. it's a toss up.
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Re: Painting Slopes

When you enter a room, for whatever reason (probably because we begin life looking up), most people subconsciously look top to bottom, and absorb color, design, and spacial components along the way...

In most cases, the darker it is, the closer it seems, and the lighter it is, the more spacial... so really depends on the rooms footprint and size you're starting with...
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Stelzer Painting Inc.
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Re: Painting Slopes

Here in Oregon, the typical texture is brocade/knockdown ceilings with orange peel walls. In those cases, the cut-off points are usually determined by the textures. For smooth wall or rooms with walls & ceilings same texture, it's a judgement call. The higher the wall color the more work it is to do, the more discerning people will be when evaluating contrast lines, (except for really high walls that might hide the sins or really low walls which would accentuate imperfect contrast lines). I'm a huge fan of symmetry, so if I have a choice, I'll run the contrast line where it looks most uniform as it relates to the entire room. Only exception to doing this is if I were doing a kids room or a game room where they want the look to be a bit more whimsical, (couldn't think of a better word to describe it).


Troy Stevens, Stelzer Painting Inc.
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