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Paint Disposal

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Old 02-01-2019, 07:21 PM   #21
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Re: Paint Disposal

Originally Posted by Lettusbee View Post
These were several years past, and had been frozen. Found the box while I was cleaning out the shop. Think it had been there awhile.

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Donít count them as useless just because they froze .
Most of the time it doesnít hurt paint to freeze.
When it does , you can tell , it will not stir up , and will appear grainy .

Iíve had lots of paint freeze over the years , only a small percentage will ruin.

What I have done to get rid of paint is , dump it out on an old tarp and let it dry , then throw it out . You need some good weather, and not good with children or pets around.
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Re: Paint Disposal

Could be pretty funny with kids and pets around though. As long as they aren't yours

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Re: Paint Disposal

Originally Posted by WarnerConstInc. View Post
I toss mine in my dumpster.

Technically you are suppose to open can up, mix with sawdust and let dry before throwing away, but my trash service doesn't care.

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I'll incur whatever karma for having disposed of whatever partially filled cans of paint I discarded to my local landfill. Over the years...not a lot, not 50 gallon drums full.
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Old 06-11-2020, 12:47 AM   #24
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Re: Paint Disposal

I throw mine in the trash can. They took all the good **** out of it many years ago.

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pinwheel (06-11-2020)
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Re: Paint Disposal

Use them for cigar ashtrays, when they’re full put the lid back on and throw it in the Pacific.
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Mordekyle (06-11-2020)
Old 06-11-2020, 09:21 AM   #26
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Re: Paint Disposal

I was on a remodel job once, and the painters were there for a couple days. The house was on a long straight street (Rancho Bernardo) and it was trash day.
Trash man swings by goes down a few houses and decides to compress his load, I guess he was getting full. Anyways, paint comes spewing out, and the guy keeps on driving down the street. Looked like someone added racing stripes to the asphalt.
Hour or so later, city official comes by, sees the painter's truck and demands to see into our empty trash cans. No paint residue at all, and totally different color than was in the street anyways.
Good times......
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Re: Paint Disposal

Mix with cat litter and toss in the trash once dry.


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