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Match Another Houses Colors....

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Match Another Houses Colors....

This is the first time I've run across this. I went on an estimate yesterday (got the job) to do an exterior of a stucco house, almost a terra cotta color, but not so dark. Anyway, the customer and I drove about 3 blocks away in the same neighborhood where she pointed out the exact colors she wants on someone else's house.

Question do I go about getting those colors? I was first thinking I can just go over and tell them I need to find out what colors they used (thinking, oh they'll be flattered), but then again, I thought.....they might not like being copied.

Again, the houses are two or three blocks apart. How would you go about doing this in the most diplomatic manner. The customer is happy with my prices, and we are ready to begin in a couple days. So, how would you handle this? She absolutely LOVES the way this other house looks (hers is very similar, typical stucco home) and I absolutely want to please her. I thought of taking a digital photo, but if lighting is not just right...ugh.
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Re: Match Another Houses Colors....

I've done this before. Just go knock on the door, and tell them you love the color scheme they used. Don't let them know its for another customer, just flatter them. Ask if they mind you if check with a color deck, and take note so you might be able to use it someday.

Or, you can just roll the dice, and walk up and start matching. Maybe no one is home.


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Re: Match Another Houses Colors....

"Oh hello, my name is Bob. I'm with the National Paint Color Control Board and we're doing a survey of this area. We would like to ask you a few questions regarding your color selection...... ."
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Re: Match Another Houses Colors....


I would knock on the door and introduce myself. Tell them you love the color and ask for a sample. They may have leftover paint in the can just for you!

If not, perhaps their painter could assist you in locating the color.

If that doesn't work, I would match it as best I can with the fan deck and then have a quart sample made up.

Then just paint a sample for the new "boss" and adjust from there.

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Re: Match Another Houses Colors....

Originally Posted by Tom Rohland

I would knock on the door and introduce myself. Tell them you love the color and ask for a sample. They may have leftover paint in the can just for you!

Ranger Painting & Pressure Cleaning, Inc.
Or you can take your hammer and just break off a pc. of stucco off thier house to match at the paint store.
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Re: Match Another Houses Colors....

I have asked and never been refused, done the nobody home thing and 'borrowed' rocks that were well hit by overspray.

I once saw a front porch treatment that I really liked, stopped, rang the bell, knocked and nobody home. Weeeellllll......they came home from the grocery right in the middle of my measuring. Nice folks and I later sold them some window treatments.
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Re: Match Another Houses Colors....

I ran into this EXACT thing last year on a stucco home. I broke out the color deck and said lets get a match. Took maybe an hour but we found the color very similar to what was on the home, I did let her know however that color swatches can vary somewhat from the actual color and I made sure this is what she wanted then I asked her to intial the color choose.

I went and got a qt. of the color we put it on and she loved it. Better a qt. and a happy customer than 20 gals and an irritated one
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Re: Match Another Houses Colors....

Imitation in the sincerest form of flattery
Just knock and ask
The worst they can do is not tell you
...or sic thier dog on you
...or, depending on the state, shoot you

But no, really, I grew up in a house that people constantly stopped at and asked what color it was
My folks dug that


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