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Help With Polyurethane

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Re: Help With Polyurethane

You need heat, & air movement.

Best solution would be to put the stock in a make shift oven. You could use a cardboard box, or anything big enough to hold the stock. Then use a small electric heater, or brooder lamp, but be careful of temps as as not to start a fire!

My boys have used a small bathroom with a small heater for similar type projects during winter months to get poly to cure out. 70deg is borderline for poly, especially if the humidity is high.
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Re: Help With Polyurethane

Originally Posted by Robie View Post
Maybe the humidity is the problem.

What I would do.....

Let it cure....for however long it takes.

Use some #0000 steel wool to get it back to baby-butt smooth.

Buy a can of whatever sheen you want polyurethane...a pint will be too much.

Mix a batch of 50% poly and 50% naphtha in a clean container and get a rag of old t-shirt "dog's nose wet" and apply it to the fast and don't worry much about what you missed.

Let it dry 2-3 it again...let it it again. A gun stock should take you no more than 30 seconds to apply. Use a fresh rag each time as the old one will get stiff.

After the 3rd coat, scuff with #0000 steel wool and repeat all 3 coats. After 6 coats total, you may want to call it a day, but the more you apply, with scuffing on the 3rd coat...the deeper and better the finish will be.

Let your final finish cure for a week or so. If you can't smell's cured.

Apply a good paste wax, again with #0000 steel wool. off your finishing skills. It will be a great looking, hand-rubbed looking finish. Guaranteed.

Worked fantastic- thanks!
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"slow makes smooth, smooth makes fast"
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Re: Help With Polyurethane

Looks nice.

How many coats did you end up with?
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Re: Help With Polyurethane

10 or so


"slow makes smooth, smooth makes fast"
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