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Avoiding Becoming A Bitter Painter

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Re: Avoiding Becoming A Bitter Painter

Originally Posted by JenniferTemple View Post
... early on I had to place to many leans and go through to many court collections. I just don't do that anymore. I love painting and want to keep loving it.
I remember stripping and refinishing about a dozen large hand carved solid mahogany doors for a property management co. This was back in my twenties (over thirty yrs ago). They loved the work. Plenty of love going around here...

Only thing was, they wouldn't pay. So I didn't blink to slap a lean on their building; this was an old high rise office tower in a major metropolitan city. I really didn't worry about it one bit. Everything was on them. I took it easy. Check was in the mail before I knew it.

Leans aren't nearly as easy to file these days and you are more likely to be held liable for the way you file them. - One of the best tools I've ever had though!

Originally Posted by JenniferTemple View Post
... I just hung up the phone at that point.
Nice heartwarming tale.

- Art

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Re: Avoiding Becoming A Bitter Painter

Originally Posted by artinall View Post

Leans aren't nearly as easy to file these days and you are more likely to be held liable for the way you file them. - One of the best tools I've ever had though!

Nice heartwarming tale.
- Art
Some of the younger guys here in Ontario Canada told me they have made it harder here as well but no one has suggested we could be held liable for the way they are filed. Also, in the days when I had to go to the registry office and do those filings there were plenty of lawyers hanging around, and bless them, many were happy to give me free legal advice. I learned a lot of respect for lawyers in those early days!

It is sad when they remove one of the few effective tools we have to hold clients accountable and it makes me very happy that I am no longer forced to try and take such actions.

I once had a court case, the HO acted as his own lawyer. He was an idiot. The judge had warned all concerned that he wanted it wrapped up in 2 hours. 2 days later the judge was in fits, legal students observing were practically rolling in the isles and the judge was near the point of insanity! I knew I would win but I also knew the judge wanted to punish everyone in the court room! I would get the cost of the contract and not a dime more. I got zero costs and no consideration of "rule 13" which gave the judge the discretion of allowing the winner double costs. As a rule they would give a plaintiff that! I empathized with the judge. I generally defended my own cases but that time, due to the crazy nature of the defendant, I had a lawyer. Heaven save us from clients that think they understand law!


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