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Manufacting Always Wins! Grounding Electrodes

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Manufacting Always Wins! Grounding Electrodes

I'm new to the Forum, please excuse & redirect my questions & comments if not posted in the best location.
Understanding & being clear with code requirements & theory regarding proper placement, sizing & connections of grounding electrodes and conductors (typically rods but building steel is involved too) has me eating lunch alone!
This is a heavy industrial, factory setting. Typical Robotic cells, with arc and mig welding heads in play with heavily automated steel jigs ie. Pneumatic parts clamping, metallic capacitive sensors etc.
All equipment is PLC logic driven, which also suffers from stray current and poor grounding design or installation. We'll say it's automotive industry.....
One can imagine the stray, transient, AC/DC weld induced challenges throughout the site cumulative and more so locally in each work cell consisting of 1-3 Robots on 3-4 parts jigs and associated support equipment.
Unfortunately, the direction is just make issues go away and keep production going prevails. Over time, isolated to equipment only ground rods have been placed everywhere, incorrectly bonded etc. As it negates or lessons the noise it's without regard to safety and power distribution concerns.
Automation support always beats out Facilities, they make $$ we spend it! We've had Robotic manufactures void warranties from this practice to recently a Japanese Robotic manufacture requesting it be done, 'isolated', really not possible given mechanical connection.
A recent driver for 'adding' additional grounding electrodes was "glowing"
E-Stop indicator buttons, LEDs in the buttons would fire upon the Robot welding jig parts. This mitigated the induced current, yet as an Electrician I know the dangers of this practice.
To add to the concerns, primary distribution is an aged overhead bus system with a terrible equipment grounding bar/connection (often used for the only X/O connection on local work cell transformers, 30-45kva typically). I envision a fault jumping onboard one of these randomly placed electrodes via a mechanical connection. At which time, we'll be welding in multiple locations!
Again, code and simplistic theory is clear, it is how to influence age old practices or find the best compromise. I thought showing 4 amps via a simple clamp meter along with a 9VAC of different potential on a structurally mounted steel ladder rung would help my case? No, I'm just stirring it up! Forget AHJ, Engineering support, common sense etc! Ideas or medication suggestions appreciated as I'm losing hope here! Thanks

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Re: Manufacting Always Wins! Grounding Electrodes

Let me be the first to say "wow".


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Re: Manufacting Always Wins! Grounding Electrodes

Is this a question, or a bitch session?
Due to circumstances beyond my control, I am here.
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Re: Manufacting Always Wins! Grounding Electrodes

Are people just ignoring paragraphs on purpose.

Who would read all that drivel, and then have to suffer through no paragraphs. It's just not worth it.

Sorry to sound bitchy, but forums revolve around the written word. Posts like that are like talking to someone on the phone when their mouth is full of food.

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Re: Manufacting Always Wins! Grounding Electrodes

Update your resume: Find a Job that will hire a whistleblower.

Call the State and Federal OSHA's and your Congressmen after the next electrical shock injury....

Call a lawyer when U get fired for being 30 seconds late from lunch....

Hope the new job still wants a "Rat" snitch.....

Quit, get a safer job.

Propose a solution that your company can implement and still make money. keep track of the costs of the incorrect grounding practices and the downside if anyone ever is hurt, i.e. published legal civil and criminal case law.

Why live in first World country, if your workplace is deadly???
A 1964 1/2 Mustang isn't safe to drive, neither is 1964 wiring safe in 2017.

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