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Leaving An Inground Pool Empty For How Long?

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Leaving An Inground Pool Empty For How Long?

So I have a pool that has not been opened or used in several years.

We are going to drain it and clean it out

"Liner" is stainless steel. Although "in ground", it is effectively above grade.

What concern should I have regarding the need to get water back in it to keep the sides from deforming or collapsing?

Same concern as if it was a conventional inground?

Deep end is at least 10' deep.

The pool area is above this wall, so groundwater would not be an issue.
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Re: Leaving An Inground Pool Empty For How Long?

It's likely that for an immediate need, it's going to be ok to drain. I would not advise keeping it empty any longer than you need to. There are methods to clean and bring back to life without wasting all the water and avoid the risk for structural damage altogether.



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Re: Leaving An Inground Pool Empty For How Long?

Even though you may think ground water isn't an issue I would error on the side of caution and wait until a while after the rainy season ends.
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Re: Leaving An Inground Pool Empty For How Long?

I would guess there are too many solids in the water to salvage it. I would imagine chemical cost and labor would outweigh just draining and starting over. I am told that in the past neighbors have complained about the smell. Caretaker put over 30 Gallons of bleach in it at that time

The smell is a big concern when we drain it. Probably weight on a good rain to help dilute it
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Re: Leaving An Inground Pool Empty For How Long?

I once saw a fiberglass pool pop out of the ground in about an hour. I was working inside a house while some landscapers were emptying it instead of cleaning the water that was in there. Trash pumps were going full tilt to empty it and the next I saw the edge of the pool was 5' above ground
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Re: Leaving An Inground Pool Empty For How Long?

Left my pool empty for a year and finally after a few days of crazy rain the wall collapsed.

If I were you I wouldn't empty it. I didn't open my pool for 4 summers and was nasty green. Took a solid 2 week to get it clear but even the nastiest water with enough chemicals can be re used.

Also costs a crap load to fill

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