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Porcelain Enamel: Mark/Blemish Removal

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Porcelain Enamel: Mark/Blemish Removal

Greetings gentlemen,

Seeking simple advice (whichever way you look at it)...Unfortunately I am responsible for a cast iron, porcelain enamel tub that was not covered before an insulating crew came in. Insulator, applying cellulose to external walls, without notice or care drug his spray/vacuum hoses or whatever equipment across this uncovered tub leaving what appear to be metal blemishes/streaks down the length and inside the tub. I thought at first they may be the result of a plastic vacuum hose, leaving scuff marks like rubber soles on a gym floor...however, these marks appear to have become part of the enamel itself. There's no scratch to match the streaks, no perceived difference in surface. Everything is smooth, but there are black/metallic lines and spots down the length and on the inside of this thing.

Assuming the hose end/opening was metal (or plastic), is anyone more qualified familiar with a remedy, substance, or procedure that may be able to eliminate these blemishes? Otherwise I anticipate one of you will be by...
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Re: Porcelain Enamel: Mark/Blemish Removal

Have you tried pumice?


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Re: Porcelain Enamel: Mark/Blemish Removal

You might get lucky. It could be metal residue that will clean up with tilex or scubbing bubbles or something. Just to compare, when removing old caulk, straight razor blades can leave grey "scrape" marks on enamel, but it cleans right up with detergent. Hope so. Give it a try.
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Re: Porcelain Enamel: Mark/Blemish Removal

Bar keepers friend works great for metal marks on porcelain. I've used it many times to remove metal marks.

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Re: Porcelain Enamel: Mark/Blemish Removal

Thanks or the replies.

Against the recommendation of manufacturer I tried (in a VERY small radius) "Magic Eraser". Nothing. Obviously, I'm afraid of anything abrasive. Google produced DIY advice suggesting baking soda. No difference. Manufacturer recommends a few different products which aren't stocked at closest building supply store so I haven't tried, but sounds as if some sort of detergent or cleaner is necessary/the only shot?
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