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jarvis design 01-18-2009 11:48 AM

Codes for exhaust fan installations
I am curious to see what types of codes exist in the States or other parts of Canada as to the type of material and correct installation method for venting exhaust fans in bathrooms.

I will admit that up to about 10 years ago, I thought it was OK to hook up the insulated plastic dryer vent and run it to an existing roof vent.

Thankfully, I learned that that was a crappy way to vent an exhaust fan and since then have been using 4" galv pipe, wrapped with insulation and going to a dedicated roof or sidewall vent (depending on the house). I also learned that proper installation techniques (for example: not having a 90 degree elbow right off the fan) was equally important.

As far as I know, the Ontario Building Code requires an exhaust fan vented to the outside in every bathroom. Thats it. No requirement for the type of pipe, vent, or installation method.

I have been in some pretty nice houses that were less than 5 years old and am amazed at how badly fans are vented.

Just curious how it is in other parts of the World

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