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Tile Over Existing Marble

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Tile Over Existing Marble

Hi there...I've got a question for you tile guys. The other day I looked at a bathroom with a shower that has marble tile on all the walls. Is it possible to tile directly over marble? Is there anything that you guys would recommend to avoid demo'ing the marble?

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Re: Tile Over Existing Marble

It is a wall, not a floor. So, so long as it is "structurally sound" (check this with a golf ball and a hollow eardrum) and free of cracks, the TCNA approves of this installation method.

Being that it is marble, a "precious" rock, you may want to remove carefully and bag it up for possible later use in a wall or a tumbled shower pan.

But the TCNA and I both agree you can install over existing tile.


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Re: Tile Over Existing Marble

I wasn't aware marble was now considered "precious".... It's nice, but not that nice.

Getting it off to re-use... Good luck with that.

As for tiling over it... yes it's possible to go over a stable tile with a good substrate. But I wouldn't consider tiling over a stone as porous as marble.
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Re: Tile Over Existing Marble

Thanks guys. Being that the marble is high gloss, would I have trouble adhering to it, with thin set? Should I rough it up?
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Re: Tile Over Existing Marble

Recently I did a large foyer in training center in witch the original floor was marble. They would not remove it for anything so we went over it and so far so good. We Acid washed the entire floor and then used tec super flex thin set and flat troweled the back of every piece to ensure bonding. Been about 6 mo with not one problem. Don't know if i would do it in a shower but i would definitely see if an additive is available to mix in with your thin set as well as using a super flex thin set.
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