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Question About Tile Backer?

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Re: Question About Tile Backer?

supply some WEDI board and sealant for him, ir go install it for him in the middle of the night. Fast, easy, and waterproof. I say you install it because even though it is hard to mess up, with gaps like that he just might!
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Re: Question About Tile Backer?

I thought drywall on ceilings needed 2 screws less than 4" apart every 16"
New & restoration masonry construction
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Re: Question About Tile Backer?

Originally Posted by Grant9454 View Post
Don't know what happened here but the wall board is bent as well
Looks like he was going for some nice sharp corners....
I work for a GC, and I do woodworking as a hobby. I also cut most of my own lumber for that with a Woodmizer LT10 sawmill.

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Re: Question About Tile Backer?

Is he licensed and Bonded?
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Re: Question About Tile Backer?

It's going to come out great!

Looking forward to the after pics.
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Re: Question About Tile Backer?


The only place for this type of work is in the "wall of shame thread".
You have 20 posts from knowledgable and unbiased contractors stating how poorly done this project is.
There is no way anyone can make it look better in the finish stages if the ground work is this jacked up.
Show your grand parents your tablet and our posts. It should be sufficient for an informed decision.
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Re: Question About Tile Backer?

OMG that is bad! Is the guy an insured licensed contractor or just some guy your uncle found at Home Depot? That is really bad!

Greenboard in the shower: NO!
Greenboard resting on the pan: NO!
Drywall screws in the shower area: NO!
Beat up seams (fork lift dings) on the sheetrock: Maybe but not in the shower with (I assume) premixed joint compound.
Gaps in the sheetrock joints: NO! as above...
Ceiling sheetrock Not enough screws and the mesh tape. Nice!

I could list lots more but I have other things to do. I strongly recommend you contact your township and get an inspector on site ASAP. I guarantee that the guy doing that work is not pulling any permits...
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Re: Question About Tile Backer?

I do a lot of showers and this is bad, bad, bad. You need tight joints w cement backer. Then I like to tape all the seams and use a waterproofing membrane over all. The joint between shower pan and wall is going to leak.

The Sheetrock job looks crappy too.
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Re: Question About Tile Backer?

Its not that hard confronting people who do a trademans work and calling them hacks,
ya get used to it after a while.

Stop feeling sorry for the guy, step up and slap him silly
I used to love the days when you could look at an unattended bag on a train or bus and think to yourself...'Iím going to take that.'
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Re: Question About Tile Backer?

I thought idiots lived just around me, it doesn't appear that people care if the tiles fall off the wall and water intrudes behind the wall. Down here in Florida termites like a little water with their meals.
Some use Durock and then drywall mud the seams, let alone the wrong screws, waterproofing that's the tile and grouts job!
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Re: Question About Tile Backer?

Thank you for all of your responses I am saving all of this to show my uncle and grandmother I brought my concerns up to my uncle and no work is going to continue until we get everything figured out. I will keep this updated and again thank you this place is great for someone like me just starting out and trying to learn the proper way to do things!
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Re: Question About Tile Backer?


Where in MA are you located? I'd be willing to take the job over and install it correctly.
Nick Schiffer
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Re: Question About Tile Backer?

Drywall on outside of shower , the whole bathroom now needs to be replaced, I'm just patching it up. This is so unnecessary if properly waterproofed. This was today's job, one picture is a drywall nail.

Question about tile backer?-image-3880715991.jpg

Question about tile backer?-image-3581674902.jpg

Question about tile backer?-image-1006852253.jpg

Question about tile backer?-image-2908428469.jpg


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