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Hardwood Tile Grout Help

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Hardwood Tile Grout Help

I searched the subject but didn't see specifics so if I am repeating please pardon me. Had hardwood tile laid by a friend of a friend in October and then again 3 weeks ago to finish project by a professional sub. In both cases the tobacco brown grout is lighter than advertised dry, but when wet is the right color. Have mopped immediately on first installation and waited 72 hours on second, both with same result(water only at first). Tried vinegar solution scrubbing and mopping to no avail. Am I crazy? Do I need to leave it alone and wait to use enhanced sealer or regular sealer? None of the grout has been sealed yet so want to make sure I do the right thing first. Also had 16X16 tile installed in different location and it stayed same color. Know there are grout stains and multiple options but the wifey is on me to fix it since it doesn't look like hardwood. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Re: Hardwood Tile Grout Help

Are you a contractor? How is grout supposed to look like hardwood?


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Re: Hardwood Tile Grout Help

Too much water in the original mix? Sponge too wet when wiping? If you scrape it, is it darker underneath than on the surface?

The grouts I have used say not to expose to water for usually like a week, so your mopping might be having an adverse effect

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Re: Hardwood Tile Grout Help

So you've come here looking for a new wife?
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Re: Hardwood Tile Grout Help

Tile that looks like hardwood is becoming more popular.

When it comes to darkening grout, you have options: either stone color enhancing sealer, kinda makes it look like it's wet, which you indicated is what you like.

The other option is to individually recoloring each grout line with grout color sealer, also called grout staining or grout dyeing. That's a slower process, but might not matter if it's just a small floor.

They are mutually exclusive, meaning you can use one or the other, but not both. Do a small sample area first to make sure which look you prefer. The color enhancing sealer is simpler to apply, wipe on, leave for 2 minutes or so then vigorously wipe all off the tile surface. The color sealer is trickier to use, best to watch the video at thisoldgrout.com for a good approach.

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Re: Hardwood Tile Grout Help

Originally Posted by avenge View Post
Are you a contractor? How is grout supposed to look like hardwood?
Not a contractor. They called it hardwood tile instead of plank tile. And the friend of a friend is a dead giveaway.

Also, they would know that any grout bag will state, color may vary from bag or sample.


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