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Tree Cutting

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Re: Tree Cutting

VinylHanger, what part of Oregon are you in?

Never thought driving in the Columbia River Gorge and looking at the stripped land as beautiful. The trees will take a 100 years to grow back.
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Re: Tree Cutting

Willamette Valley. I agree, there are some areas that it is a shame to clear cut. Out here though, it is a bit different. They start filling back in in a couple of years, in 20 it nearly looks like they weren't cut.

Not to say I can't appreciate a nice old growth forest. Those are just mind blowing.

But when it comes to the mill farms, I don't really mind as much.

I am speaking as a layman. I'll leave the long term ramifications to the foresters. Though, they seem to miss as much as they hit.
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Re: Tree Cutting

I don't have an issue either way.
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Re: Tree Cutting

I own 54 acres in NC. When we bought it, it had been clear cut in 2 stages. About 1/2 in '06 and the other half in '09. We bought it in '11 and put in a driveway and cleared the site for the house in '12 and '13.

Then, most of the growth was small seedlings, brush was the highest, about 6'. You couldn't see through anything, but if you stood on a high point you could see over everything.

In October we were down there and now the trees (pines, gum, maple) are about 20'. Where I could stand on a high point and see across the whole property 2 years ago, now I can't see 10' in front of me.

There is about 150 acres that was clear cut to one side of me and behind me. Looks like h***, but in a couple years it will be thick and green as can be.
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Re: Tree Cutting

I've never had this happen. We usually cut trees down piece by piece from the top down. It's just a lot less risky when you're working in a city.
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hdavis (01-21-2016)
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Re: Tree Cutting

Originally Posted by BenTaylor View Post
I've never had this happen. We usually cut trees down piece by piece from the top down. It's just a lot less risky when you're working in a city.
One of the arborists up here was doing that. He was just finishing a limb cut when a little girl walked under. He tried to grab the piece with his left hand going over the top of the saw, so he cut his arm, but not too bad.
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Re: Tree Cutting

Had one of those days last night! Started at 5:30 on the job and things went south around 8 at night... Not doing that again
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Re: Tree Cutting

Not much you can do about a barber chair except to be ready to listen and move fast unless the logger created the problem through something like a Dutchman notch. Escape route planning is of course critical. I haven't seen it happen myself but I know it is a big risk with tree cutting. Unfortunately, there is no way to predict or detect. Praying seems to help.

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