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Hand Excavation Productivity

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Re: Hand Excavation Productivity

Originally Posted by rino1494 View Post

Remember, there are no stupid questions, only stupid answers
I think it's time we all tell the truth. There are dumb questions asked out there. Most come from our clients, so we bite our tonge. But I will agree, there are definately more stupid answers....
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Re: Hand Excavation Productivity

Not to long out of high school I had a job building steel boat docks. It got slow and the boss took on a big retaining wall and excavation job with a dock. His foreman's name was Henry. Not a huge guy, but sturdy. Just got through a 18 year stretch at Huntsville. I am absolutely certain he shanked people in the pen. Even at 19, high school football muscle and a few fist fights under my belt, I was intimidated. No question. Cost plus, by the hour all the way. Probably making 20 an hour off my young ass on that shovel.

Anyway, the "builder" only ordered a skid steer for one day, and we had to finish it by hand. Omg, it was ridiculous. HO wanted all the fill from a "duck pond" brought up to the front of the house, which was up a steep azz hill. My best friend and I were hoping to learn to weld, Henry told us to get our "bitch ass's on a shovel!" . We did.

Lots of granite, had to use a jack hammer and chipping hammer, rock bars all kinds of ****. 2 weeks of this, 10 hrs a day, 5 days a week for 8 an hour. Big price to learn to weld.

We were digging ditches for irrigation, and since it was 3 pm in July, we took a short break. Like 15 seconds. Henry flipped his hood up and stopped his stinger and yelled, " I don't here that pick swinging boy!" , and spit a stream of Redman out, while smoking a cig under his helmet! We went back to work. We also put in our notice, which Henry did not approve of. "Just about had yall boys ready to burn some rods, yall up and quit like some bitches. Guess yall can't handle a little digging. Pussies. " Went to work for real dock builder afterwards. My old man told me to not go with such a low rent outfit that would hire a dude like Henry.

Point is, I can probably get a hold of Henry if you need a yard boss. He will get them to move 10 yards, or else get out his shiv.

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Re: Hand Excavation Productivity

Originally Posted by Sar-Con View Post
I think it's time we all tell the truth. There are dumb questions asked out there. Most come from our clients, so we bite our tonge. But I will agree, there are definately more stupid answers....
You think you deal with dump clients. Try dealing with the people I deal with in the environmental business. Geologists, and hydro geologists tend to be the type that spent most of college walking through the woods looking at rocks and smoking trees. The people that do the engineering are typical engineers, combined with geologists and hydro geologists.


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