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Old Post Revived - No Solution Found.

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Old Post Revived - No Solution Found.

Hi- I have run across condensation in a home cold air intake duct (only in the winter). The duct ties directly into the return air duct and routes to the exterior wall just above grade. The duct was insulated well, but I found water dripping down the exterior wall and the insulation was soaked about 3 ft from the exterior wall and ice build up around the flex duct and plastic tie they used to secure flex to the outside vent/intake housing... The basement is very dry otherwise it was built last year 2017 and I am finishing the basement but cannot close the walls until I’m sure this is taken care of. Spray foam was used along the rim joists and I added an extra layer of foam because I saw daylight through a small hole in foam.

It’s 11:22pm and I’m losing sleep over this challenge with leaking water in the basement.

Any ideas on how to prevent ice build up and condensation dripping?
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Re: Old Post Revived - No Solution Found.

Does it only happen when there is snow on the ground? I'm not real familiar with fresh air intakes, but that looks way too close to the ground

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Re: Old Post Revived - No Solution Found.

Wait until its a bit warmer outside. Then when the pipe is completely dry. Spray foam it. There should be no bare metal exposed. Its the lack of insulation that is causing the problem.

And as already said, the intake is too close to the ground.
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Re: Old Post Revived - No Solution Found.

YOU NEED a pro HVAC person. This is so silly, What ignorant fool runs outside air into the return plenum?

If make up air is required, it needs to pass through an ERV device. Then mixed into the return air...

If your furnace, hot water heater, or bathroom and kitchen vents require added make air this duct should connect to the mechanical room as near the air consumers as possible, not the return ductwork... make up air for the fart fans and smoke fans needs to run through an ERV to allow venting at a reasonable cost...

how much fuel do you burn using outside air to heat your house? Doesn't this create a massive dust(cleaning) issue?

Call the Home builder NOW and demand a re-installation by a licensed tinner.( this isn't broke, its WRONG)

The cold outside air flow cools the tin duct to BELOW the dew point of your 72 degree inside air, causing it to "Rain" out on the sub dew point tinwork.

No home inspector? no loan inspection? No Building inspectors???? you must be up in a Hillbilly hollow somewhere.

please post back with more info please.

How do you keep the varmints out of the air ducts?
Just what kind of contracting do YOU do? I'm curious.
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Re: Old Post Revived - No Solution Found.

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