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IYO: Who Makes The Best Cast Iron Gas Boilers

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Re: IYO: Who Makes The Best Cast Iron Gas Boilers

Originally Posted by flashheatingand View Post
I remember you posting about the drama, a year or so ago. Somebody should be able to make things right with the existing equipment. Have you called the local heating supply-houses to ask for a referral? Provided they don't have some kind of "referral setup", it's a good place to start.

The folks with the fancy trucks (opinion) usually are red lights.
I DID! They will not make referrals for fear of ticking off the ones that do not get recommended. I think I actually posted about the installation 4-5 years ago.

I think the last guy I had out MIGHT be OK. At least he only uses certified HVAC staff. He looked astonished and disgusted by the pipe work, he thought it would work OK but he also thought it was a mess. He suggested what had been leaking had "sealed itself" and no repair or replacement required at this time. (The pressure had been lower to stop a leaking pressure switch after the system shut down completely) I paid the service call and pray he is correct. I would hate to destroy the system for want of a new pressure switch, that apparently can not be repaired, only replaced. Parts can only be had from the manufacturer, nobody stocks parts for this system so every part is a 2 week wait at the minimum. ...Hating the install more each new lesson learned! Here is the kicker, the manufacturer has only one company in the area they recommend , THE ONE THAT DID MINE! I said "You must be joking!! Those are the installers from HE!!"

At present, I am learning all that I can because I have no expectation the system will make it the whole 15 years expected and I want to be absolutely sure of of any new system being put in. There is a lot to learn and most of you guys, (like painters) have your favorite products and methods. What I need to learn and understand is what I will actually need and what company I will get to do it.

Home Stars is no help, the reviews for my installer are stellar FOR PLUMBING, nothing much about their heating end except my review. I detailed the work and time it took. I really don't see it as a way of finding a contractor.

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Just Jennifer - The Paint
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Re: IYO: Who Makes The Best Cast Iron Gas Boilers

Durability and low maintenance are my priority. Within reason, Efficiency and price are not. I do not want boilers to occupy my mind for the rest of my life. I can make up for loss of efficiency with more passive conservation. After all, the tighter and more insulated the house the less the boiler gets called on.
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Re: IYO: Who Makes The Best Cast Iron Gas Boilers

De- ionized water only with proper additives will be rewarded with maximum possible lifecycle costs vs efficiency...And your coffee will taste better. And of course the installation of needed rust/dirt drops in the plumbing system.

A High/ Low output boiler/heater properly sized ( runs 100% at near record lows) would have fewer thermal cycles and thus less wear on all components all other things being equal....

can you install a partial hot air return flue to pump the hot air back down stairs? Maybe a high pressure air pump using a 3" in wall pipe(s) this would be a good time to install a air filter holder on the intake. Is your staircase open to both floors at all times? maybe install a door for heating season.

Sometimes you can use the abandoned masonry chimney for a pipe chase if you gone to a condensing boiler and hot water heater or an old laundry chute?

The bad news is the tighter the house, the poorer your air quality....


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