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Injury And Safety Concerns In HVAC?

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Injury And Safety Concerns In HVAC?

I follow workplace safety issues and I'm wondering what the biggest injury or safety concerns are for HVAC workers.
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Warning: The topics covered on this site include activities in which there exists the potential for serious injury or death. DOES NOT guarantee the accuracy or completeness of any information contained on this site. Always use proper safety precaution and reference reliable outside sources before attempting any construction or remodeling task!




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Re: Injury And Safety Concerns In HVAC?

- ladder climbs
- roof height work
- Freon/oil fumes
- hot environments
- electrical shorts / shocks
- pressure explosions (eyes)
- sharp edges
- biting dogs
- screaming customers
. . .


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Re: Injury And Safety Concerns In HVAC?

Cuts, for sure. But, what concerns me the most, is the exposure to crawlspace and attic dust. Not to mention well as that hvac funk that gets kicked up when cleaning the plenums.

It's common-place to drug test employees, but never have I worked for an outfit that made it mandatory, or even suggest wearing a dust-mask while exposing themselves to all that stuff we breathe.

Another safety measure I recommend is carrying a whistle while crawling below (working solo). The battery light can go out, somebody can inadvertently close the crawlspace hatch, and ... It's a low-tech simple measure, in case of an emergency.
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Fouthgeneration (04-01-2019)
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Re: Injury And Safety Concerns In HVAC?

The Drive to and from work kills more construction workers then the job does, Pack a lunch and lower your exposure to this risk....

Durn facts don't always match common wisdom.....

Otherwise, Combined safety issues, like electrical shocks while ON a ladder....

Driving a 2-3 ton scissors lift over "covered" holes....

Sounds like you are violating Confined spaces regulations weekly..

Minimum crew size, and hoisting gear that actually works in your vent spaces?

Not buying your own masks in a world with Legionnaires' disease etc... is a form of suicide, Are your employers buying life insurance on you for them/corp?

Remember, don't take the dirty clothes home to family.
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Re: Injury And Safety Concerns In HVAC?

Asbestos. The Insulation around old pipes and boilers etc.

Especially to the untrained newbie that just goes in and starts to tear it apart without a clue, because his boss didn't have a clue.

His boss's boss showed up to the job and put a stop to it. But it was too late.
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Re: Injury And Safety Concerns In HVAC?

Thank you all. This is really helpful.


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