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Condensate Freezing On Siding

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Condensate Freezing On Siding

I am helping a client with an issue related to the condensate line on their furnace. It is a high efficiently LP furnace installed in an attic with a condensate line that drains to the exterior. The line exits the house through the attic soffit. The line was freezing so my HVAC tech installed heat tape to the interior portion of the line and shortened the exterior portion so that it only sticks a few inches below the soffit. He also insulated the exterior portion. Now the line no longer freezes but the draining condensate is forming large icicles on the siding. What is the best way to protect the siding from the icicle build-up? I hesitate to re-extend the exterior portion of the drain line because I fear it would freeze up again. My first though is to install a vinyl gutter down the side of the house where the drain line exits to channel water toward the ground with the theory being that the larger circumference would make it less prone to freeze-ups. Would this work, or are there better alternatives?
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Re: Condensate Freezing On Siding

It will probably just take a little longer to freeze in the gutter, but it will freeze it shut without heat trace protecting it.


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Re: Condensate Freezing On Siding

Since it is in an attic, is there any way that you can reroute the line to an existing vent stack?
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Re: Condensate Freezing On Siding

You’re no General Contractor. What you are calling a gutter is a downspout. Your HVAC “tech” is a subcontractor, “attic soffit” is just soffit, larger circumference makes no difference and yes there are better alternatives.

How much money did you save?
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Re: Condensate Freezing On Siding

Originally Posted by WBailey1041 View Post
You’re no General Contractor. What you are calling a gutter is a downspout. Your HVAC “tech” is a subcontractor, “attic soffit” is just soffit, larger circumference makes no difference and yes there are better alternatives.

How much money did you save?
Hmmm. Having a bad day, huh?

Why is there so much moisture build up in the attic in the first place? Sounds to me as though the attic ventilation is not correct which is going to cause other problems in the future. Suggest looking into that first.

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Re: Condensate Freezing On Siding

Add on a sewer pipe/ vent to service the furnace, heat all the piping or install in a heated space, remember to allow for lengthy power outages, so your system is not broken on restart.

Do you have a catchment pan under the furnace if the drain fails to save your drywall etc......

have you notified the authorities of the defective installer actions?

Will your insurance agency pay on such a hack job install if it (keeps on) fails(ings) and damages your house and stuff?

In my State: You'd have to put the faulty install on the buyer notes when trying to pedal the home.... Can't claim ignorance now after posting here.....

10 cent fix, run the exhaust pipe INSIDE a horizontal hot air/return pipe that is closest to the outside soffit. Never tell anyone you work on furnaces ever again....


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