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Heart Attack Coming?

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Re: Heart Attack Coming?

My advice for what it's worth...listen to your body and really work at eating and resting properly.
I go to the gym 4 days a week. Work 55-60 hrs a week and a year ago,...BAM! widow maker heart attack!...being treated in the hospital, BAM! another one...
Had several mini heart attacks leading to these but thought, "nah, can't be, I'm just getting old". I'm in good shape, yada, yada, yada,...I'm lucky. I had just turned 50. So do your family a favor, take care of you first. Its your responsibility to be there for your family as long as you can...
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Re: Heart Attack Coming?

I'm 33 years old, and thought I was in good shape. Turns out I have high cholesterol, and it runs rampant in my family. Now I take cholesterol medication. Go to the doctor and find out what you don't know.

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Re: Heart Attack Coming?

I get blood work every year. Cholesterol, BP, liver, stomach ect... It's important to stay ahead of the curve

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Re: Heart Attack Coming?

Since this is the heart attack thread, I'm gonna throw this out there for the younger(under 40) guys.

For the last couple years I've been having chest pains, sort of. Weird pains sort of near my heart, but didn't feel heart related. No difference in energy or anything, just concerning pains were very uncomfortable.

Recently talked with a friend of mine who's a nurse and has a husband who also eats like an asshole.

Somehow, this came up in conversation and she said, "You idiot, you have GERD."
I said, "I have a what?"

Bottom line, she told me to knock off drinking such absurd amounts of coffee, stop eating after dark, and lay off the booze. I'll be damned. Cured. I was shocked. After doing some experiments, it turns out it's really the coffee that does it. That and, tragically, hot sauce. Any time I indulge in either, I get the chest pains.

Once when I was younger I was working in a kitchen and I was sitting on the counter eating an entire jar of hot peppers. The chef walked by and grimaced. "Enjoy it while you can," he said.

I didn't get it then. I get it now. Jeez.
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Re: Heart Attack Coming?

Just wait another 10 years.

I get all sorts of weird food reactions lately. Love iced tea, it suddenly doesn't like me. One day mayo runs out of me like a faucet, the next it doesn't. Same with soda or any cheesy saucy food. One day the local burger joint burger is fine, the next, the exact same burger is a time bomb with a very short fuse.

It makes eating an adventure for sure.

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