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To Amplify Or Not Amplify

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To Amplify Or Not Amplify

So help me out a little. Hereís a little back story.

Iím a construction manager for a residential home builder. We had a customer move from one of our previous houses (7years old) into a new build (finished a week ago) and heís complaining that his previous OnQ LV panel had a amplifier in it and now the new one doesnít. Same panel manufacturer maybe different part # I donít know.

So my question is. With todays technology do we really need to have an amplifier for the cable. From some people Iíve been told no itís not necessary others say yes. So I come to my brothers at CT to help with my dilemma. If anyone could shed a little light on this for me I definitely appreciate it. Thanks in advance.
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Re: To Amplify Or Not Amplify

Cable TV/internet?

There's normally plenty of signal to run a 3 way splitter. More legs than that, I'd consider an amplifier.


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Re: To Amplify Or Not Amplify

We call it a bandaid for a reason, only put one on when there's a problem. On a single run of RG6 from the SP you should typically get 4 drops before needing an amp. So if everything thing meters out fine, you're better off without it.

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Re: To Amplify Or Not Amplify

Amplifiers should only ever be used if your cable contractor deems it’s necessary. Some of the modern encryption and coding schemes don’t play well with basic amps.

Too much signal is as bad as not enough. Amplification also amplifies noise, drives the noise floor up and affects modulation, resulting in pixelated channels and in some cases missing channel(s).

So no, don’t just throw an amp in because a cx asks for it. As far as I know, most regional cable COs will provide one if it’s necessary.
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Re: To Amplify Or Not Amplify

As a BTW. The Comcast signal we get is weak and has issues. Regardless of how much Comcast brags about their signal and so forth.

I have 10 drops, and, rewired everything in the walls with RG6 quad. I did end up putting a powered amp on the system. So far so good (as least for the last 5 years).

I did replace all of their stuff (Cable Modem) with my own. Much better. The only issues I have is when their equipment up line goes down or their constant internet outages in the region.
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Re: To Amplify Or Not Amplify

Thanks for the input. I previously had Comcast now with Frontier. Comcast constantly dropping the signal due to a broke wire from the ped. Other than an equipment difference the signal has been great with Frontier.


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