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Wood Frame Construction Manual Checklist?

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Wood Frame Construction Manual Checklist?

So for the first time in my lengthy career a building department has requested me to fill out this checklist and make sure my framework corresponds with it.
I am building a 3 seasons room that is 14x12 and it essentially sits on a deck that I am also building that is 36x16 about 4 feet off the ground.
My plans are architecturally drawn and its planned to be over built IMO 2x12 joists, 3x 2x12 beams on 6x6 posts 24" x 48" precast concrete footings no beam span is more that 7 feet and no joist span is over 10', tripled where bearing walls land, 2x6 wall framing, 4x8 fur rafters, braced paneling, everything has been over Designed because we know this building department is a pain in the ass.

So going through the checklist there is nothing in there for pier and girder construction. So I dig deeper into the WFCM and it says when building pier and girder style refer to stem wall style foundation guidelines. Well that doesn't make sense, stem wall style construction requires anchor bolts for uplift and sheer loads and your anchors bolts are layed out to meet code depending on your buildings aspect ratio ( width divided by lenght) which would mean I would need to have Anchorage every 70 inches from the bottom plate to my deck footings!??.

Think about it 14 feet with 4 two foot footers it's just plain ridiculous. Inspector also wants plate washers on my shoe that anchor to my "foundation" never seen anyone drill through a bottom plate and attach it to a deck beam or even more odd would be all the way down to the footer.. What would you even use for that.
Cant even get 5 minutes from the guy for a consult which is the worst part and I'm on week 7 waiting for a permit. Homeowner not happy to say the least.

Mostly just venting and obviously open to suggestions other than "pour a full foundation"
Another thing is the neighbor just built a house on driven piles and it passed on inspections with none of these things hes making me do haha.
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Re: Wood Frame Construction Manual Checklist?

Architect needs to step up to plate and "defend" his design.
Probably need an engineer to sign off for the building dept.


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