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Sub Floor Over Radiant Heat Slab

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Sub Floor Over Radiant Heat Slab

I have a hardwood floor install over a slab with radiant heating embedded in the slab. I'm planning on using 3/4" sub floor so i can nail the floor ( the only way in my opinion ). I don't have the luxury of the location of the pex in the slab. My question is can the sub floor be adhered to the slab with any hope for success, success being squeak proof floor for ever and ever, or do i need to find a way to tap con or ram set the sub floor to the slab. Thanks for the extra pair of brains...
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Re: Sub Floor Over Radiant Heat Slab

Welcome to CT. Just a heads up, it's protocol here to do an introduction in that section and please fill out your profile. You'll get lot's of great help here after you do that


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Re: Sub Floor Over Radiant Heat Slab

If the plywood is warped you are going to need alot of weight to hold it down until the glue dries. I am not all that familiar with radiant slabs, but I am sure it has to be at a certain depth below the surface, so just use a fastener that is not long enough to hit the pex. But it is a risk, especially if you dont know the guys that installed it. You could always try thermal imaging depending on the spacing it may show up as a big red blur though.
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Re: Sub Floor Over Radiant Heat Slab

We're on the same page. I figured sand bags if I go for the glue, but the more I think about it, the more i figure the slab crew surly smashed them down during the pour. 1 1/4 tap cons should do the trick.
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Re: Sub Floor Over Radiant Heat Slab

As far as I know they should be close to the top... That is the only way to do it right... Just think if you hit 1 how much will that set you back? Is that a risk you are willing to take? I would glue only.
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Re: Sub Floor Over Radiant Heat Slab

Unless you know for certain where the tubing is do not nail or screw into the slab. It's a risk not worth taking.

I use two layers of 1/2" plywood with plenty of relief cuts, to allow it to lay flat. Stagger the joints and staple the two layers together, then proceed as normal with the flooring.

I let the assembly float, but you can set the first layer of ply in your adhesive of choice.

A wood floor that never squeaks is an unreasonable goal IMO. Somewhere, at sometime, it seems that they all squeak. It's part of the charm.
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Re: Sub Floor Over Radiant Heat Slab

As far as the tubing, i agree it's not worth the risk. I like the 1/2" over 1/2" method, but am i to understand that overall the floor is in no way attached to the slab? I have always tap con'd the sub floor to the slab with a moisture barrier in between, rather than rely on gravity alone. I have yet to install a squeaky floor using this method. Has anyone ever used just floor cement for a sub floor? I'd love first hand experience, but i still dig the opinions too. Thanks


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