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Permit Costs

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Permit Costs

I pulled a over the counter permit today for a 955 sq. ft. ipe deck. It will be basically identical to the existing deck.

I spent 15 minutes with the Planning department and that was $ 500.00. I then spent 20 minutes with the building department, and that was $ 675.00. On top of that was the city business license fee of $ 100.00.

Both counters were staffed by one person and I was actually in there for 2 1/2 hours total. But I did walk out with a permit.

What do some of you pay for a like size job?
Pioneer, CA
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The Deck Guy
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Re: Permit Costs

Glad I don't live in Cali. Big government at its best.

I don't know what the job cost was, but if it was a $30k job, my permit might be $500 or so. Ours take from a few days to a few weeks depending on the job.


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Re: Permit Costs

It depends on which city around here. City of Austin permits usually run 50-60 bucks & takes up most of the day to get. City of Lakeway they go by a percentage of total value, last 30K project there cost about 400 for a permit & took almost 3 weeks to get. County permits are a joke, all they do is check to see if you're in a flood plane. If not you get your permit & on your way for about 40-50 $, no inspections what so ever.
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Re: Permit Costs

Permit fees also cover the inspectors' time as well.
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Re: Permit Costs

I just started the permit app. for a small deck, $30.00. It doesnt matter size of deck, cost of deck, or any design factors.
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Re: Permit Costs

15.16 per thousand dollars of construction cost...covers everything...
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Re: Permit Costs

Ok, let's figure this out. $ 1175 for planning and building permit. Max. 1 hour at the building counter for both, give them a hour to file and make copies, 3 inspections @ a max. of 1 hour each (includes drivetime), and heck I'll give them another hour for whatever. That's 6 very generous hours the city will spend on this project. So this City makes $ 200/hour.

This is a big reason why many (most) people do not pull permits in my area for decks.
Pioneer, CA
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Re: Permit Costs

3000 roof job just cost me 120
Remodelling Fool
Helena Siding Windows
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Certified Remodeler
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Re: Permit Costs

$600 for a 30K bathroom, then the plumber, electrician and heating guy get permits on top of that.
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Re: Permit Costs

Permit to build a garage, $164 and out in 20 min. with permit in hand. And that one was high. We seldom budget more than $300 for permits and time to aquire.

Glad to be in the boonies.

Good Luck
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Low Voltage Contractor
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Re: Permit Costs

It depends on if it's city or county. County is much easier to deal with. Both are dependant on job valuation, but city seems to have more fees involved. A recent city commercial/elect. permit for a job valued at $1000 cost just under $125. $75 for the permit and $42.50 for the plan review. And $4.70 for a tech surcharge.

Plus a general plan fee of 59 cents.

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Re: Permit Costs

168 sf. deck (cost,$1800.00),permit was $400.95...$250.00 is refundable on final inspection.I'm still waiting on that check and it's been two weeks. I thought local taxes take care of city government (building department wages and such) .Oh and you guys who do one day decks,not here..we need posthole inspetion,framing inspection.and a final..all min.24 hour notice.Took four days to complete a one day job.
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Re: Permit Costs

The buiding permit is a consumer protection product and as such, rather than include the estimated cost of procurring the permit in my actual bid, I leave a line that states that I will pick it up and be responsible for following the building codes. The fee gets added on to the final invoice, or first draw amount, whichever is preferred.

Permits: Local Permits, bonds, or special licenses required, to be obtained by Ed The Roofer's Roofing Company, would be billed additionally.

It keeps your initial Quoted cost down by the permit amount and still obligates you to pick it up and be in compliance with the code. Stated properly during the presentation process, it makes a compelling sales pitch, even if other contractors state that they will get the permit also.


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Old 07-15-2008, 09:36 PM   #14
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Re: Permit Costs

I don't mind getting permits, it is in my contract that I will obtain permits if desired, at the cost of the permits and the cost to complete construction drawings and time required to obtain the permit.

I try to explain the pro's and con's to obtaining permits. More times then naught, they choose not to obtain the permits.

Costs like this particular city charges are a big reason why.
Pioneer, CA
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Deck Designer/Builder
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Re: Permit Costs

Permits in my area are $75, regardless of the size of the project.


I am the liquor - Jim Lahey, Trailer Park Supervisor
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