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Cedar Rot Question

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Cedar Rot Question

We are currently installing cedar skirting on a mobile home. We are using 1x6 cedar fence planks. They are being attached to existing 3/4" PT ply with stainless nails. There is a pvc 1x2 trim between the top of the cedar and the bottom run of vinyl siding. The cedar is cut tight to the bottom of the pvc 1x2. The h/o is going to paint the pvc and apply Sikkens something-or-other to the cedar at a later date.

A local handyman (who has a bit of a reputation for stirring chit) contacted the homeowner today and informed him that we were doing the job wrong. He said that there has to be some form of dripedge over the top of the cedar or else it will stain and/or rot away very quickly. Needless to say, the homeowner is beside himself.

I have very limited experience working with cedar. Don't really know much about it, other than this guy's yard smells like a hamster factory now. Do we need to yank the 1x2 off and put on some z-flashing or will it be fine?

I will try to grab a pic in the AM in case my description isn't clear.
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Re: Cedar Rot Question

The ends of cedar are like a sponge, especially when jammed up tight to something with no room for air circulation.......


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Re: Cedar Rot Question

First, find the handyman and and let him know what he did was not professional and you wont tolerate it again. He should have came to you as a man and confronted his opinion of how things should be built.

Now onto the cedar. I would cap it if it was me but likely it wont matter. Anytime I hear the words mobile home, I think of string trimmers and s**tty looking skirting anyway.
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Re: Cedar Rot Question

Originally Posted by bmcquin View Post
The ends of cedar are like a sponge, especially when jammed up tight to something with no room for air circulation.......
I didn't know that. All I've ever heard about cedar is how rot resistant it is as long as you keep it out of ground contact.
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Re: Cedar Rot Question

Last week I pulled off a lot of 2X12 belly ban ceder and 2X6 corner trim ceder, had a lot of rot going on and termite damage.
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Re: Cedar Rot Question

Gbrogden........Are you associated with Ikea. That name looks familiar, Its on all their assembly instruction books

Pics would be nice. But how about a bead of clear caulk where the cedar buts up to the pvc 1x2 ?

You don't want any trapped water behind cedar.

Good luck
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Re: Cedar Rot Question

I'd slip a z in between... anyway, the bottom will probably rot out first

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Joseph A. Capece
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Re: Cedar Rot Question

I trim more with cedar than more than any other material (except PVC). I'm not sure of the grade of the cedar you're using, but since they are fencing planks I'm assuming is a lesser grade and more prone to rot (??? --- I could be totally wrong here).

Western Red Cedar has much higher "natural preservatives" than Eastern White Cedar and therefore more rot resistant. The heartwood has the most rot resistance, while the sapwood has the least.

I would remove the board, treat the back side and endgrains, flash with a drip edge and re-install. D-U-N.
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Re: Cedar Rot Question

I think it depends on the 1 by 2 on Top.

If the 1 by 2 is "on the flat" and the cedar is butted to it's EDGE then yes it should have drip edge.

If the 1 by 2 is on it's edge and pitched like a small window sill then just butt the skirt under is the way I'd do it. Like a water table detail we do around here.
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Re: Cedar Rot Question

Didn't get a chance to take a pic of the actual job but here's a pic of an identical setup:

Cedar Rot Question-forumrunner_20130405_111357.jpg

The only difference is the planks and the 1x2 in this pic are pt.

The cedar is a cheap grade the homeowner got from Lowes or Home Depot. I guess the safest bet is to tear off the trim and put in a z flashing. I'm not too worried about the bottom of the planks because they are sitting on top of gravel, not dirt.
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Re: Cedar Rot Question



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