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Would You Do It?

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Re: Would You Do It?

Answer to above question

Where did the name "Lynyrd Skynyrd" come from?

"Lynyrd Skynyrd" came from Leonard Skinner. Skinner was a gym coach at Robert E. Lee High School in Jacksonville who at some point in the 1960s disciplined Gary and Bob for letting their hair grow. The young musicians eventually dropped out of school, but remembered all the hassles. In 1970, the band -- playing as the "One Percent" -- had a gig at a local club called the Forest Inn and Ronnie called out to the crowd, "Hey, we're Leonard Skinner and we're gonna play for y'all tonight". Since most of the crowd had run into Coach Skinner at one point or another the name was an instant hit and stuck. Eventually, the vowels were changed "to protect the guilty" -- as Gary put it a few years ago.

Many don't know that little bit of fact.

Straight from the official Lynyrd Skynyrd website.
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Re: Would You Do It?

Originally Posted by dayspring View Post
Since You folks are on the subject of Skynyrd, one of my all time favorite bands. Do you know where the name "Lynyrd Skynyrd" came from? and why it is spelled the way it is?

As far as southern price to hang and finish goes, I get about $1.50 sf labor, here in Murphy, NC on my remodeling jobs, usually 40 sheets or less though.
I believe it had something to do with naming the band after the gym teacher I believe, making fun of him.
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Re: Would You Do It?

I would tell the GC to take a flying F%$# at a rolling donut, That's 13.72 a sheet and .42 a sqft. where does this builder come from Mexico
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Re: Would You Do It?

stood up,layed down,and pieced together.Its'a shame a drywall job can be done like this.A straight forward hotel gone arhy
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Re: Would You Do It?

I believe it was a teachers name from their school...but spelled different(legal reasons?)
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Re: Would You Do It?

Originally Posted by dumplin1078 View Post
I don't know what that is supposed to mean but like Skynnard said," A southern man don't need you around anyhow!"
Easy dumplin ...

he was going a little further south than Alabama

(sorry if this has already been pointed out somewhere)
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Doing what I do.
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Re: Would You Do It?

a little more southwest to be precise....
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Re: Would You Do It?

Here in east Texas its a tough way to make a living hanging Sheetrock for 2.00 too 3.75 a sheet on 8ft ceilings. On tape and bed and texture I've been charging .70 cents a sq, ft on new home construction! I do not buy anything ! I walk in and the materials are in the home !i go to work ! I COMPLETE a 1200 sq, ft home on the tape bed and texture by my self with no help in 3 an 1/2 days ! That is 800.00 bucks for less then 4 days work !

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Re: Would You Do It?

Here in Albuquerque NM I pay .26 per square foot labor. I pay workmens compensation, supply mtls stocked and ready to go, including stocking on the second floors. .26 covers hang, tape, and texture. Bull nose corners, 8' ceilings, 1/2" with 5/8 in garage.
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Re: Would You Do It?

Do any of your wet backs speak english there in new mexico lol lets see now a 2000 s,f, home equals 520 bucks to have the sheetrock hung and you get it taped and textured for the total of $ 520.00 usd dollars ! you have to be useing illegal mexicans! And i would say they have to be desperate for money to do it for such a low cut rate price! P.S. PAYING FOLKS SUCH LOW WAGES IF I WHERE YOU I WOULD KEEP A VERY CLOSE EYE ON MY EQUIPMENT AND THE BUILDING MATERIALS ON THE JOB SITE ! ---ROFLMAO !

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Re: Would You Do It?

Hello?! Do you guys know how to figure the per sheet price using 8-footers? Redo the numbers to reflect what the sheet count would be using 12-footers (nat’l average), then you've got real numbers. Do you actually think the builder expects a hanging crew to hang for $3 a sheet? That’s too ridiculous to make any sense. He’s figuring the sheet count as follows:

2,987 8'-sheets equals 1,991 12'-sheets. That's the way sheet count should be figured. Take the total number of 8 footers, multiply by 32sqft. (you get 95,584sqft.), divide by 48sqft, and you get 1,991 and change. Divide $41,000 by 1991 and that means the job is actually paying $20.58 per sheet to hang, tape, texture, and sand. I would try to negotiate up slightly, but to have work through winter to the tune of $41,000.00? That seems dang close to worth it. Hire a crew out so you make a modest profit, then go find other work for yourself in the meantime, and simply manage the townhouse job. 3,000 8-footers should take about a month for a hanging crew worth their mettle (70 sheets/day), pay the tapers a bit more for putting up with additional butts (negotiate an additional $1,000 for the texturing), sand it yourself and I'd estimate you’ll exit at about $4-6,000 over the two month period that it takes to get the whole thing done. (I figure a crew of three hangers, three tapers, and you sanding). This means you pay your hanging crew $8-9 per sheet (based on 1,991 sheets), your taping crew slightly more, and you walk away with about 4-6k for sanding. What’s wrong with that, especially if you supplement with smaller jobs? Try to get some 12-footers on the job.
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Re: Would You Do It?

I have some odd news here. It turns out that the project is closer to 1500 sheets of 8 foot. So it is a money maker, however they want double 5/8 on the ceiling and 5/8 inbetween the units. ( 1/2 is ok on interior in unit walls). I would fully attempt to use 12 footers as much as possible but 5/8 12 foot is a scary animal. I'm still crunching the numbers.


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