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Double Drywalling Between Studs And Rafters

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Re: Double Drywalling Between Studs And Rafters

Originally Posted by woodspike View Post
true dat .

i didn`t do as he specified exactly. i am going back tomorrow and will replace those pieces for free .

but no it wont be quick .

fully adhered o the back , i will be pulling that chitt down in little pieces . my fault no matter how much i don`t agree .
Why not slap another layer over the ones that are too loosely cut? Save the labor of pulling the wrong ones, and he gets another layer of soundproofing there. Sell it, baby

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Re: Double Drywalling Between Studs And Rafters

Sounds like (Pun intended...) you are working on stopping the drips on a submarine with several screen doors mounted through pressure Hull.....

When the crazy Doc turns up the sound levels, he going to be looking for a fall blame for his ignorance.

Record in writing all work orders, get paid early and often, save money for the lawyers, Run, don't walk away from this civil law suite.
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Re: Double Drywalling Between Studs And Rafters

Air sealing is very important to sound proofing. Without air sealing the sound still travels. Roxul safe and sound, + poly, caulked and taped, rubber sound channel, 2 layer sound proof drywall, a floating floor, and surface mounted electrical gang boxes. Yes, those leak sound too. Its a 1960's apt, dont expect modern standards for floor and wall rigidity. In the city, all new construction is concrete + steel channels + roxul
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Re: Double Drywalling Between Studs And Rafters

RE that 3/8th of an inch..inside corners? where walls meet ceiling etc?

At those points, for soundproofing treatment..most in the know will say you dont WANT your drywall tight where different planes meet want a decent gap that is completely filled with a good acoustical sealant ..the idea is that the drywall is bearing the brunt of the initial contact with the noise..drywall is in many ways a resonator, it has a 'ring' to it..

You want discourage the sound from traveling through those sheets where you can...corners are deemed important for let the MASS
(most important for soundproofing) be the top plates of the structure behind these areas..and you decouple the drywall

If you're talking 3/8 at joints..butt and finish? jesus...fill them with Durbond before taping ...guy's nuts.


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