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When The....

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Smarter than the brick...
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When The....

...lightning strikes.

Did this repair this week, lightning entered through the roof at the top of the gable and I guess exited out at the last broken brick. Never seen anything like it, there were no burn marks, the existing wall ties(the few there were) didn't look like anything had happened.

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Re: When The....

I did one that came through a chimney crown and exited 3ft down through the brickwork...no burn marks either, but I did find chunks in the neighbor's yard a pretty good distance away...crazy.


"Under promise, over deliver and all that!" JBM

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Re: When The....

Wow ! That looks pretty wicked. I did a chimney a few years ago that got hit by lightning,it was all Indiana limestone. It just exploded. It had three metal flue caps on it,two functional one dummy. I think all that metal up high drew the electricity.

You guys sure like your queen brick in Oklahoma don' t you.
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Smarter than the brick...
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Re: When The....

I have been laying brick in this area for 40 years now(sigh) and 99% of them have been queen size AKA 10" brick.
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Re: When The....

Wow, I feel sorry for You, that you're forced to use a non-modular product that doesn't value your labor fairly, In my opinion.

At their best any 3 inch bed product is Caca, and 10" nominal 3" bed is double Dumb to save a few pennies on materials, that is soon used up in saw cuts and lower production rates labor wise.

I'd think 4" bed masonry veneer would resist near miss tornadoes much better 3" thick versions of veneer...?

I guess 3" X 10" brick is far better then No Brick....

Great picture, it will sell a lot of lighten Rods and Brick hopefully.
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Re: When The....

Did a repair? The second pic still has the same holes...


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