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Stupid Question Time.

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Smarter than the brick...
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Re: Stupid Question Time.

Originally Posted by JBM View Post
Come on FG, id use that saw in a heartbeat. Id even have my guy spray water on the blade while im using it!
Yup, that's what 80% of the "contractors" around here use, or the Dewalt equivalent. I have one but it's usually just used for cutting angle iron, though it does come in handy if you just have a cut or two to make and don't want to drag out the Target.
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Warning: The topics covered on this site include activities in which there exists the potential for serious injury or death. DOES NOT guarantee the accuracy or completeness of any information contained on this site. Always use proper safety precaution and reference reliable outside sources before attempting any construction or remodeling task!




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Re: Stupid Question Time.

Originally Posted by Fouthgeneration View Post
FYI, a diamond wheel "cuts" by grinding, not actually peeling material away like 99% of wood cutting tools, thus they cut skin and bone a little slower....

One has to hold the material steady for tens of seconds instead a few...

None of my dedicated masonry saws have a "brake".

If your outfit can't afford to buy/rent needed tools,maybe its time to look for work in a less competitive field.

You and your kind are running up my Workmen's Comp. charges.
Rough day?
The OP asked a ? about miter saws for masonry work, I posted a pic. If you dont like the saw I use, thats fine. You and your kind are not required to use them.
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Re: Stupid Question Time.

Everyone: there is a large difference in a experienced mason using a cobbled up saw then some jack of all trades whose still working on his first hundred cut units. the U(ntrained) T(rained) I(diots) are the one that will end up in the E-room costing everyone in the Workmen's Comp exchange thousands of dollars a year for years to come.

The chance of injury is several times higher with incorrect saw.


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