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One Step Into Garage

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One Step Into Garage

Hey Everybody,

I am a new builder and I am looking for guidance on how I can achieve a single step into the main floor of a house from the garage slab. I have been in multiple houses in my area (including my own) that have a single +-6" step up into the garage.

I would like to achieve this on the next house that I build, but I'm not sure of the best way to accomplish it. The way I see it, I will have to provide bearing for the garage slab at the top course of block and then pour against the rim joist. This makes me uncomfortable for some reason. If I were going to do this, I would cover the joist in ice guard and provide some sort of expansion before I poured against the joist.

Has anybody done this before? Any recommendations? I should also note that I am planning on using superior wall for the foundation, which may or may not make this situation more difficult.

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Re: One Step Into Garage

I need a beer I read this 3 times "into", "onto", "upto", life was a hole lot easier when I measured once and cut twice.


Still "Shakin" the tree boss
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Re: One Step Into Garage

Originally Posted by sunkist View Post
I need a beer I read this 3 times "into", "onto", "upto", life was a hole lot easier when I measured once and cut twice.
"down to" (I think)... from the garage into the house.

But why(?), I wonder.
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Re: One Step Into Garage

If you have not already why don't you head over to the introduction area and tell us a little about your self. Make life a lot easier here.
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Re: One Step Into Garage

Originally Posted by MarkJames View Post
"down to" (I think)... from the garage into the house.

But why(?), I wonder.

Cause everyone’s doing it
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Re: One Step Into Garage

Never mind those guys Satoshi, they are just being dicks, of which I never am. Ahum.

Anyway, I think we all know what you mean, you want to step down about 6" from the house into the lower garage, right?

It depends on the type of construction that you do that will guide the techniques you use to accomplish this.

Obviously you are talking about a raised foundation. You can pour a stem wall against a rim joist as the joist will act as a side of a form then when the crete cures there is no pressure against the joist if that is what you are worried about. And yes there are various techniques to protecting the rim from the concrete.

If you ask more specific questions that might elicit better answers.

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Re: One Step Into Garage


very unlike you...

you on some sort of drugs????...
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Re: One Step Into Garage

Sorry everyone, just reread my post and yes it is very confusing. That’s what I get for posting in a hurry.

Bottom line. I would like to have a 6” step down into the garage from the main level. How would I best accomplish this when I have 2x12 framing on top of my foundation walls?

Thanks everyone for your responses so far.
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Re: One Step Into Garage

At that point you might as well go full on zero barrier. Here are a couple pics I found but if you’re going with Superior walls they make them zero barrier ready.
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Re: One Step Into Garage

First, Don't insulate the INSIDE of a concrete basement, always insulate the outside, it allows larger rooms (worth 100-200$ a sq.ft.) and reduces the size of HVAC plant needed as the 20-40 tons of concrete and steal act as a thermal mass moderating all temperature changes at no cost for hundreds of years.... AND the warmer concrete sill reduces the chance of condensation rotting the rim joists and sill plates and lower edges of the first floor drywall.

2cd: you want a step up to reduce the entry of flammable vapours and gases from the garage that is full of things that catch fire and pollute air.

And its code in most places if you have a Gas/oil furnace in the garage....

Pour a kerb, don't forget any needed water proofing..

Lay block as needed with rebar dowels, pour party wall wider for added kobeling for Garage SOG concrete bearing and room for inside mudsill at -13" below FFL,

Never have concrete that touches any soil touch any untreated wood.

In termite/carpenter ant areas always raise FFL above final yard grade by 18" minimum. and else where the smart $ does the same to stay dry after 7-10" rain events.

In hot or cold climes, an airlock/ mudroom between the home and garage adds value, saves labor and energy, at a low initial cost.

On high end homes, a few steps up to the FFL might allow the installation of vehicle hoists that double the number of cars that can be keep in the garage if the home is framed with high ceiling and steeper roof pitches.

Or present the space for a bonus room in the garage attic...

Check out top bearing wood trusses to eliminate the load bearing furring wall detail...
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Re: One Step Into Garage

Thanks Big J and 4th Gen, lots of information there. I think between what you've provided and my discussions with the superior walls folks, I have a workable solution. Thanks again for your help with this.


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