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No One Knows What Core Fill Is

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Re: No One Knows What Core Fill Is

Originally Posted by Jamestown View Post
Thanks! What part of the world are you in and does that get you what you need from most ready-mix suppliers or have you got 1 place trained?
Like Griz said, we fill everything here, so all the suppliers know about it.
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Re: No One Knows What Core Fill Is

We call it grout too and everything gets filled here too. Earth quakes and storms blablabla
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Re: No One Knows What Core Fill Is

Originally Posted by Jamestown View Post
Thanks! Maybe i will start ordering from California. Probably need to throw in a little retardant.
That's a good one.
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Re: No One Knows What Core Fill Is

Core fill mixes are advertised to reduce shrink as the bleed water is absorbed by the porous CMUs and increases flow when used in masonry that has been treated with water absorption reducers( most exterior CMUs are now treated with a "Water Block" to increase their durability long term as a rain screen wall.

Core Fill nomenclature also peals the Masonry wall Grouts away from the tile grouts and structural iron grouts for weld plates and column base plate infill non- shrink > 9 KiloPSI grouts, usually used barely damp/ dry packed.

Some brands promise that Core fill products will require none or one less mechanical vibration then legacy mixtures of block grouts.

When I mix my own grouts to meet the ASTM standards using ASTM concrete sand, and up to 1/2" aggregate( I use a Tumble mixer that isn't harmed by the larger aggregates that insure the mix meets required compression break tests at 28 days north of 3KIPS, saving silly sand drying, bag rentals, and reducing exposure to dry silica sands to the mixer men.

I find an half ounce of a cheap liquid soap, and perhaps 2-5% volume of type S-lime will reduce water needed to get the slump/flow and reduce aggregate separation during transport and pouring.


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